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"End Call" "Add Call" soft buttons disappearedSupport

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  1. mujahid ali

    mujahid ali New Member

    Peace Friends !
    I got a really annoying problem.
    The red "End Call" soft button which appears during the call, suddenly disappeared !! now, i can't end any call not even service calls[irritating].
    Yes! i know, there's option to use the "POWER BUTTON" to end the call, but since, same problem is there with "Add Call" button, so i want back !!

    When i make a Call it shows only three small buttons at the bottom.
    namely, (dialpad)[grayed out] (mute) (speaker)

    Any help !! PLZ!! :(:(

  2. rics2499

    rics2499 New Member

    Hi I am on Android Forum and I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Mini phone and I have the same problem where the end call button disappears. Did you resolve your problem with this. Thanks.
  3. DarpanK

    DarpanK Member

    Try factory data resetting or just update ur android version to 2.3 gingerbread :)
  4. johntracy57

    johntracy57 New Member

    Touch and drag down the small green phone icon on top left hand side, various options appear, including end call.
  5. mknu

    mknu New Member

    try this for re settings: *2767*3855# or *#*#7780#*#* best of luck.
  6. galaxtary

    galaxtary New Member

    Go to settings>accessability and tick the `Use Power Key to end call`

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