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  1. glenlee

    glenlee Member

    We're using the LG Ally in a business as a GPS tracking device for our trucks, the phone is disabled. A few of the phones are stuck in a reboot loop. None of us are Android Geeks, so short of bringing the phone back to Verizon we don't know what to do.

    We're using Load Trek as the tracking app. Some of the working phones crash immediately when we try to load Load Trek. I'm wondering if the rebooting loop phones are trying to start Load Trek on startup and crashing due to a bug in Load Trek.

    In the phones I've be able to bring current on the software the problem has not surfaced. I've yet to find a way to interrupt the phones in the reboot loop so I can update Android, Froyo, and Load Trek.

    1. Is there a way to interrupt the boot cycle in the rebooting phones and boot into some kind of a safe mode, and manually delete Load Trek? If so please give a step by step explanation how to do it. I'm a Debian end user, so I'm not a complete idiot, but I can't read between the lines, so please don't skip any steps.

    2. Could there be another problem we should be looking for that could be triggering this?

  2. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    If you have some time you can find out whats causing the loops by running a logcat while the phone boots up, to do this you will need to setup ADB (adnroid device bridge) so you can communicate with your phone via USB, with ADB running it is also possible to recover the phones.

    Alternatively you can run my FroyoLiteWin batch to reflash the phone to stock 2.2.1 (the latest software version) If it fails it would be because the USB Debugging is turned off, you can get around this by starting the phone in recovery, pull the battery and turn the phone on with the MENU SEND and END buttons held, you may even be able to reset the phones thru stock recovery, when it pops up the Android ! you can press 5 on the hardware keyboard to bring up the recovery menu (timing is tricky)
  3. glenlee

    glenlee Member

    Savoxis, thanks. I'll give it a shot. The phones we're having trouble with have an older version installed, not 2.2.1. If I can install 2.2.1 and remove Load Trek I'm hoping that will get the phones up and running.
  4. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Hey Bro we have a Trucking business too that uses these phones.

    What does Load Trek do?
    Also is there any other apps that yall use for the business? Do you happen to know of a good GPS tracking app so we can track our Truckers.

    Were a Hot Shot company. What do yall do?
    Were based in Houston Tx.
  5. glenlee

    glenlee Member

    swc2001, I just noticed your post. I'm sorry it took a year!

    Load Trek, LoadTrek.net, is a service we're using to track our trucks. We're a US Post Office long haul contractor. The Post Office has routinely had computer tracking on their loads, but until shortly before my original post, had not required live tracking of their en route contractors (where a Post Office official can sit down at a computer and check to see where I am). I can't speak for the company on why Load Trek was chosen, but my guess is that cost likely was a major factor.

    The problem with this setup is that budget smart phones are inherently unreliable to begin with, and the drivers control the tracking units (the smart phones). I've locked the phones down as best I can so the drivers can't install a bunch of apps and overload the phone. But even so, the GPS service tends to crash and isn't always restarted. Trucks will disappear from tracking for hours at a time, forcing our dispatchers to call them and ask them to reboot the phone at the next safe place to stop.

    I'm working on a supplemental app on my own time to try to address some of these issues, but since I work 50+ hours a week, by the time I get it developed and tested we may be using a different system. :(

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