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  1. B8787

    B8787 Active Member

    Well I am trying for some weeks now to make a vertical endless image list for Android, but I don't seem to figure it out correctly. The idea is you to just scroll trough a vertical image list.

    - image url's are taken from a DB.
    - what it should have is images to load when it reaches the end of the scrollview, so for example it loads each time the next 20 images.

    Anybody wants to be my hero? :)

  2. jmyking

    jmyking New Member

    Can you clarify the scroll view? You want to scroll through URLs? Or image thumbnails?
  3. B8787

    B8787 Active Member

    Hi jmyking!

    The idea would be that the scroll view is a vertical list with images and a title below it. the image in this list will always take up the full with and rescale the original height to the corresponding aspect ratio. Do you know what I mean by that? :)

    You think you can give it a try?
  4. Arei Kuen

    Arei Kuen Member

    Hey have you finished this app? I'd like to take a chance with it or see your app if it'd done! :)
  5. B8787

    B8787 Active Member

    I don't think it is finished yet? For now, I just made a horizontal swipe image list.

    I still hope someone (or jmyking) can help me out :)
  6. Arei Kuen

    Arei Kuen Member

    I'll try to do it when i finish my current projects. :)
    Do the images load from an online database or from offline storage?
  7. B8787

    B8787 Active Member

    They load from an mysql online database, I saved the image url and title in it! :)

    Looking forward to it!
  8. Arei Kuen

    Arei Kuen Member

    Hey i finally got some time do give your idea a try. :)
    Here's what i came up with. Give it a look and let me know if I'm heading the right or wrong direction! apk link
    And yeah, if you think it's fine so far, could you give me the links to your images? I can't really test it online without a decent list of image Url's. :rolleyes:
  9. B8787

    B8787 Active Member

    This looks really nice! I love it actually, it is the system I had in mind. I will come back to you today with a list of image URL's, and will pm you. I am not behind my regular computer right now.


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