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Engadget: Fantastic Application

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  1. clucernoni

    clucernoni Guest This Topic's Starter

    Whether you enjoy staying current on technology, are a technology addict, or simply enjoy not being out of the “loop”; this application is for you. It has a very easy to use interface along with robust features such as: being able to read comments posted for each article, picture viewing, videos, and podcasts. If you are familiar with their website content, you know that Engadget is at the forefront of technology reporting and this carries over into this application. You get everything that you would on their full website along with quick load times on the Motorola Droid. The only complaint that I have is their lack of coverage of Android and Android phones. You can tell that most of them are iPhone users/fans and they devote a lot of time to those things in articles.

  2. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2010
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    I like the app, but what about a tablet version?

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