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  1. Modd

    Modd Member

    OK, there are a couple threads on this, but so far no answers to the fix or adjustment. maybe there isin't a setting or adjustment, if there is, I am not seeing it.

    Want to enlarge the text size when typing or reading messages, and have it stay that way,,if that is possible. (yes, I am,,,seasoned and the eyesight isin't as great as it once was,, FLAME ON!! :)

    Any Ideas??


  2. jefferinho

    jefferinho Member

    :p i use chomp for texting as my eye sight is not the best , it has the options to enlarge the text , others use handcent
    there both on the android market .
  3. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    I use K-9 mail, Handcent SMS, Hi Yahoo/MSN/IMEasy, etc. plenty of apps that support increasing font size.
  4. Modd

    Modd Member

    loaded up Chomp and have been getting everything adjusted to where I want it. Much easier to read text now. Now I need to reduce the size of my club fingers to be able to hit the keyboard properly,,:rolleyes:. Was getting double notifications at first, but once that box was found and unchecked,,all is well.

    Thanks jefferinho and sookster.

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