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  1. kamisheikh

    kamisheikh New Member

    Hi Guys...

    i just got a Verizon Spectrum and also got its unlocking code from a website..

    now the problem i am facing is how to enter that code.. every single search took me to the conclusion that i need a verizon SIM Card to enter the code (for every other phone any network locked sim takes you to the code entering screen but not in this case).

    Please help me in finding out a way to get to the code entering screen or unlocking my phone...

    Looking forward for HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  2. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    We really don't do a lot of that here so I don't know if anyone will know how to help.
  3. vj950

    vj950 Well-Known Member

    Does the place that provided you the unlock code say what key combination to use to go to the menu? I came across a couple of sites, followed their instructions, did not bring the unlock menu up
  4. un1ocked

    un1ocked Well-Known Member

    give me a screenshot, then i will tell the solution
  5. vj950

    vj950 Well-Known Member

    what screen are you wanting?
  6. bradlescher

    bradlescher New Member

    have same issue. can provide any info you need. please help.

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