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  1. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    I have 5 days left on my 30-day return at Radio Shack, and I swapped out the first Epic I bought for another due to a wobbly slider mechanism. I'm wondering if I didn't make a mistake (since Radio Shack only allows one swap during the 30 days), because I seem to be having some issues with the replacement. My choice then comes down to keeping this Epic or returning it (obviously), and then running the risk of problems in getting my upgrade back, contract reset, and all that.

    Before I do anything, I want to make sure I'm not making an issue where none exists. That is, is it possible that this unit has hardware faults that are causing my issues, or am I just noticing these issues more this time around, did I install some app that I didn't install on the first unit, etc.?

    So, I thought I'd list what I'm experiencing and see if anyone can provide any input as to whether these are common enough that I shouldn't bother returning the thing, or whether they could indeed be hardware-related:

    1. The unit has locked up and rebooted a few times. I don't remember that happening with the first unit, or at least not as many times.

    2. The unit has some lagginess in general, and then over time. This happens in games like NFS Shift that I don't remember with the first unit (which, of course, doesn't mean it wasn't there), with email, and then in scrolling through certain lists like in the Market.

    3. The capacitive buttons don't seem to work as well. The vibration is less consistent, and it seems like I need to push the buttons a few times (particularly the back button) to get them to engage. This is an intermittent problem, however--sometimes the buttons and haptic feedback are great, sometimes less so.

    4. Battery life doesn't seem to be as good. Where with the other unit I think I remember going from about 7:30am to about 6:30pm on a single charge, I'm now getting warnings starting at around 3:30pm. Of course, I could be using the thing more lately, although we do tend to play with them more when they're new.

    So, are these common enough, or obviously related to a hardware issue? If the latter, then I could also fight a bit with Radio Shack to see if they'd make an exception and let me swap again. I don't think anything new will hit Sprint until June or so, and so I'm not thinking to just return the Epic and wait for the next generation of whatever (Android or webOS).

    Any input would be much appreciated.

  2. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    I dont have an epic.. but i do visit the epic forum..

    those do not sound like normal issues...
    it sounds like you have another bad one...

    there are NO limits to how many you can get under warranty.
    1. go back to RS and tell them your issues and you want a REPLACEMENT.
    2. go to a sprint store.. have them replace it. they dont care where you got a sprint phone.. they will help you warranty it.

    you can return it.. and wait..
    1. if new customer.. no cost.. but have a 90day wait till you can try open a new account.
    2. if you are a current sprint client and did an upgrade.. then you will be charged a restock fee of $35. you will have your upgrade benefit back to use anytime you want.
  3. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Actually, I was told by the Radio Shack rep that there's no restock fee, so if I do decide to return I'll have a bit of a beef. Hopefully won't be an issue...

    Not sure what to do, really. I could return at Radio Shack and then repurchase at a Sprint store. That would give me another 30 days to think about it...
  4. reyex

    reyex New Member

    That is why I get my phones from sprint :)... Sprint has a 30 day policy exchange if the phone is deffective they will change it no questions asked, as for a different company, a sprint store cannot do the exchange since is under a different inventory.

    its the same thing as if buying it from a kiosk (3rd party store). I would recomend going to RS and exchanging it again (not your fault they gave you a cellphone that is not working) if not head to a service and repair store from sprint and see how they can help you.

    Hope you got insurace :)
  5. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    For anyone in the know, would there be an issue with returning to Radio Shack, and then repurchasing (with the reset upgrade) at a Sprint store?
  6. MannyrtFresh

    MannyrtFresh Well-Known Member

    those issues seem real bad. i hate seeing that everyone is having problems with their phones and stuff but can the phone problem be linked to where its bought from..

    i got my phone like a few days ago from bestbuy and have no problems what so ever from it. also their protection plan on the phone is better than sprints plan. My advise is that if you return the phone and get another one of the same ones from another store then try Bestbuy or Sprint.
  7. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and returned the unit to Radio Shack. Now, question is, do I repurchase at a Sprint store (and wait for the rebate) or at Best Buy. Anybody know what the return policy is at Best Buy stores? 30 days? With/without restocking fee?
  8. outkast25

    outkast25 Well-Known Member

    i just picked up my 3rd epic replacement. they all had mad issues. i think i finally got a keeper. havent seen any issues on this one...
  9. MannyrtFresh

    MannyrtFresh Well-Known Member

    o shoot idk what their return policy is at bestbuy but you do know that you can pick up the phone for $200 now rite.. and bestbuy doesnt have a rebate thing or activation fee either so thats a plus. if you go to the sprint store they charge you a activation fee and then you got the rebate part.

    edited: i just looked at my reciept and it pretty much doesnt tell me anything of a restocking fee so i would say just call them and ask.
  10. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Yep, thanks for the idea. I'm going to get an Epic from them tomorrow (assuming that they don't have a restocking fee, which as I'm reading their policies they don't seem to have).
  11. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    if you are a current sprint client.. there is a restocking fee...
    sometimes you can talk your way out of it.

    they dont want someone.. to keep getting phones.. and play with them for fun... then return it. They loose $$ each time you do.
  12. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    I don't think thats correct. The restock fee applies to phones purchased outright meaning if you bought it for $499 vs $199.
  13. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Actually, I was told _at the Sprint store_ that there would be a $35 restock fee if I returned the one I bought there on Wednesday as an upgrade. Radio Shack, on the other hand, did _not_ charge a restock fee when I returned mine on Tuesday night.

    Honestly, I don't have a problem with a restock fee in these instances, because it's pretty easy to buy a phone just to play around with it and then return it. Heck, the geek in me would be tempted to try all kinds of phones for a month, just for kicks, if it didn't cost me anything. :)
  14. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i think the $35 restocking fee.. is charged by sprint... not the reseller.
    you might see it .. on your next months bill. maybe.
  15. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Well, we'll see. It would be pretty easy to fight, since as far as I can tell there was absolutely no notice anywhere (certainly not from the Radio Shack folks) that there would be a restocking fee from Sprint--not when I first bought it, and not when the were processing the return.
  16. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i am sure it somewhere on the receipt you got. but sprint will most likely let you get away with it once.
  17. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Well, thanks for the heads up. At least I know to look for it now.

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