Epic 4G and Shazam/SoundhoundSupport

  1. jeeves5454

    jeeves5454 Member

    Okay, this sounds like it is a very silly problem, but I am not sure where to begin to test/analyze it, so appealing to the forum for additional scenarios/possibilities.

    Background: I installed Shazam and Soundhound on the Epic from the Market, and tested both applications in the car listening to the radio.
    Both applications found the song info flawlessly within 6-10 seconds.

    I then proceeded to connect the Epic to the car's bluetooth set, a Sony Xplod device. Using the exact same song on the car's speakers I attempted to re-identify the song.

    Both applications failed to identify the song. Furthermore, Soundhound claims that it was unable to hear the song at all, i.e. there was no music being captured.

    Additional Info: In a slightly unrelated at the time matter, making a phone call from the Epic via the Car's Bluetooth headset resulted in a crystal clear response from the other person through the car's speakers. However the other person reported that my voice was fading in and out, and he was unable to hear me at all in many cases, despite a clear signal from him and I had full strength signal/bars. With my last phone I did not have this issue with the Bluetooth microphone.

    Additional Issue: Bluetooth commands through Vlingo do not work well when connected to Bluetooth[unable to understand/hear me?] (this is a secondary concern right now, might become a primary concern later :)

    Summary/TLDR : 1) I suspect that when the phone pairs with Bluetooth, all functionality including local microphone access is transferred over. Apps cannot use the local mic in Bluetooth mode.
    2) The input from the Bluetooth mic is not 100% quality level. Will test with a few more Bluetooth devices (non-car realted) to confirm, but more anecdotal evidence would be nice.

    So does this make sense or do I have a defective phone, or just plain crazy?

    Thanks in advance...

    [P.s -> Yes, I know that there is a thread about the Sony Xplod BT devices having trouble connecting, but I have a full connection]

  2. robl45

    robl45 Well-Known Member

    you have to disconnect bluetooth so it can hear the song, the mic is disabled with bluetooth.
  3. jeeves5454

    jeeves5454 Member

    I did not have this issue with the HTC Evo, and I have never had this issue with a number of Windows Mobile phones.

    Is this unique or is it doing something differently? The system should not be able to disable the mic for all applications, just route the audio outputs and inputs differently.
  4. drbunda

    drbunda Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm having a similar "in and out" issue with a wired headset so I'm starting to wonder about this phone's ability to handle any type of earpiece.
  5. TreborNimar

    TreborNimar New Member

    I am having a similar problem on my Epic. I first noticed a problem when VLingo and Google Voice Dialer would never recognize what I was saying. Then I noticed that my voice recorder app would occassionally record dead air, so I switched apps and I got the same thing. I've narrowed it down to these problems only happening when I am connected to my car's bluetooth. I never had this issue with my previous Windows Mobile phone, so there seems to be a problem with the Epic microphone being disabled when connected to a Bluetooth device.

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