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Epic 4G Camera. Post your pictures!

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  1. brooklyn360

    brooklyn360 Member

    Hi. One of the selling points of the Epic 4G is the 5mp Camera it has.. Gizmodo rated better than the iphone's and even though, it doesn't have 8 mp (Evo), its 5 mp picture has a higher quality than Evo's.

    Please post your pictures and if you can use some of the photo apps available ( Fxcamera, Retro cam, Camera Illusion, Vignette, Photostitch), it will give us a better idea of how good the camera and apps are.

    Thank you.

  2. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    wuuut? Gizmodo said it's better than the iPhone? not iPhone 4?
    and i've read the Evo's is better.
  3. brooklyn360

    brooklyn360 Member



    Here's how the camera compares with the iPhone 4. You can see the big difference between having white balance and not having white balance. Otherwise, the quality difference doesn't seem to be too huge.
    [​IMG]In the dark or under every type of lighting that's not natural light, the Epic 4G wins by sheer fact that it has a white balance adjustment. It's even got a flash for use in the dark, although you'll turn out with photos that are blown out or still blurry most of the time. But having a flash is better than not having a flash.

    The 720p video recording is another reason why the camera you have on you is the best type of camera. The quality is good enough (especially with white balance) that it'll be fine for whatever spontaneous event you'll need to record and upload to YouTube. And unlike the iPhone, you actually have the option of uploading videos in full resolution over Wi-Fi, without having to dump it onto a computer first.
    You've also got a front-facing camera for video calling using apps like Fring as well.

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