Epic 4G (On it's way to boost) NEED HELP

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    So, I am new here and hoping to gain some insight into where I went wrong. (Also this may be in the wrong forum section, if so I'm sorry).

    SHORT VERSION: I flashed an Epic 4g (not touch) to boost with a design (HTC Evo 4G [Rooted]). From what I understand so far the AAA and HA cant be taken from CDMA WS.

    Well here is the story, I bought an Epic online (got a steal on it), and I was under the impression I could just put in on boost (from an ad that I found out isn't out yet). Anyways, I followed a couple guides attempting to fill in the gaps between the two of them and now I cant get the OTA to complete. I believe my data and calling profiles did not copy over. So I have been through the entire process twice and cannot figure out where it went wrong. The MEIDs match, Phone number matches, but something is still amiss. I will outline the steps I took so maybe someone can tell me what I need to do in order to rectify the situation. (Also thanks for taking the time to read this).

    So, I got everything installed (which was a hassle in itself) mostly because I started on a Win8 machine that most drivers don't work on, so I moved to my Win7 Desktop (for reasons like this). Then I got my MSLs, copied the files, then the profile data. Switched to the epic and copied everything over. And now I am here.

    So, what I think is the issue is that my 466 and 1192 files are not coming through as anything more than an access denied message. I am still trying to piece together names to files so I just gave the file numbers instead of possibly wrong names. Anyways, The epic says activating, then fails. My status bar at the top only shows phone signal bars and I assume there should be a 3g or at least a connectivity symbol.

    Well I think that's it but if you need more info, ask I will answer ASAP. Any and all tips tricks and fixes are accepted (except for sending it to someone).

    Thanks again!

  2. yours31f

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    Ok a little more info, SMS failed, but data light is green.
  3. yours31f

    yours31f New Member

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