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  1. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Well-Known Member

    This might be a dumb question, but is $108 the final price you're gonna have to pay for the phone?

  2. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It works as follows:

    $150 phone price at Wirefly
    + 8 shipping - (Second Day Delivery - Regular FedEx Ground is free)
    $158 SubTotal
    - 50 BofA reduction for Add It Up program (credit or debit card)
    $108 Final Amount Paid

    (Note that the $50 deposit to the BofA account will take 30 - 90 days.)
  3. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    Wirefly IS the best deal but if it break, you're SOL unless you pay the TEP fee every month as someone mentioned. I've had sprint for over 10 years now and NEVER carried TEP and NEVER had a problem. My only real issue i've ever had was my LG Fuziq died after about 5 months of ownership (randomly shut off one night and wouldn't come back) and I went into a sprint store and they gave me a brand new muziq for free. NO TEP, just within the 12 month warranty periods of the fuziq.

    From what I understand, you CANNOT do this if you buy your phone from wirefly. And doesn't TEP have a deductible amount? I understand TEP protects against other things like dropping it in a lake or toilet, etc, but still.... I really am not too keen on mailing my phone to wirefly if an issue arises, or paying $7/month to sprint either...

    EDIT: Just googled and it is now $8/month AND $100 deductible for TEP. This is nuts to me. Better to buy it from sprint / radioshack / bb imho.
  4. xxxsteveoxxx

    xxxsteveoxxx Well-Known Member

    The euro galaxy s 2 unlocked is 800 bucks at best buys site. I can't see this one going for much less with it's bigger screen, larger battery and other tweaks such as added notification light. Expect an off contract price around the same and an on contract price never below 150. Sprint gotta make some money
  5. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    I guarantee the E4GT will NOT sell for $800 unsubsidized. $650 AT THE MOST. Sprint has never sold a phone that high. The original Epic 4G was $250 subsidized and $500 unsubsidized. This one is $200 subsidized and is probably going to be $500-600 unsubsidized.
  6. xxxsteveoxxx

    xxxsteveoxxx Well-Known Member

    It's silly to think that as the tech improves and phones get bigger and better the prices won't increase. Sprint has never sold a phone that high but they've never had a phone with these specs either. You can't compare it to the OG epic. You have to use something closer. The galaxy s 2 euro is the same phone basically. Don't get your hopes up for anything below 650 without a contract. I thought the epic touch would go for at least 300 on contract. Verizon has 2 phones that can't touch this one for 300 on contract. I'm glad the epic touch is 200
  7. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    The EVO 3D is similarly specced but is slightly worse than the E4GT and it is $549 off contract. The EVO 4G was $449 off contract. The Epic 4G was similarly specced with the EVO 4G but slightly better and was $499 off contract. So no doubt the unsubsidized price of the E4GT should be $600-$650.
  8. xxxsteveoxxx

    xxxsteveoxxx Well-Known Member

    None of the phone you listed are similary speced to the epic touch. The epic touch has a larger, better display than all of those, a larger battery than all of those, thinner and lighter than all those, a faster next gen processor, hdmi/mini USB combo jack. This WILL increase the price off contract. They are not trying to cut you any deals off contract because they don't want you to buy it off contract so don't expect a price anywhere near last years model phones. This will be the best phone on sprint easily into next year and sprint knows this better than anyone so they're not going to give it away when 70% of their current customers are already freaking out over not being able to pre order it. Don't you wonder why they havent announced off contract pricing yet? They want to see demand first.
  9. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    You are getting equipment protection and the insurance confused. This is understandable because both are included in the TEP.

    The $100 deductible only applies if you lose, damage or destroy your phone.

    If you have a problem with normal wear and tear or an equipment failure, there is no deductible.

    If you do not have TEP and you have an equipment problem with your phone, you can pay $35 and Sprint will repair or replace it. This applies to a phone no matter where you bought it.

    The only potential downside is if you buy your phone from Wirefly and your phone is DOA. Then, you have to send it back to Wirefly. Otherwise, there is no difference between purchasing your phone from Sprint or Wirefly.
  10. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    So basically if anything happens to my phone Sprint can take care of it as if I got it from them directly. Will my original plan stick if I decide to upgrade from WireFly and same benefits? My bill is $75.00 because of my job discount & I have a protection plan and $10 premium data due to Wimax (nexus S4G). So all should stay the same except new phone?
  11. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Yes. I recently purchased an upgrade phone for my daughter (Nexus S) and so long as you select the same plan at checkout as you currently have, there will be no changes. (I do consistently lose my free extra hour for nights and weekends, but I just call Sprint up and ask them to add it to my plan again.)

    The method of getting an upgrade is exactly like you would go through at Radio Shack or Best Buy. If anything goes wrong, Sprint will correct it.

    UPDATE: When I said that no matter where you get your phone it is covered by Sprint's TEP, I meant it. The last phone my daughter had was a Palm Pre purchased on eBay, slightly used. We activated it and about 3 months later the power button went out. No problem, she got another phone under the TEP for free. Try that with Best Buy.
  12. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately this is completely incorrect.

    If you buy a phone from wirefly, the sprint store cannot help you. Period. If you need proof, call wirefly directly and ask them about it. This means if one day 5 months into ownership your phone wont turn on.. you have to call wirefly, ship it to them, have them approve a replacement (hopefully) or wait for them to repair the phone AND THEN and have them ship it back. I am unsure about shipping costs but im pretty sure you have to pay it at least one way (I didn't ask though). I was told this directly by the wirefly phone rep. I asked her stuff like "What if wirefly thinks the phone is broken because I dropped it when I did not?" and she told me "That is our discretion to determine that." WHOA, not going that route!

    As for being confused about TEP and warranty - i'm not. IF you buy a phone from RS / BB / Sprint.com/ Telesales / Sprint store then any sprint store will fix your phone for free if it is still under warranty (12 months, usually) or replace it with a refurb or stock same day or within 2 days if they dont have any replacements handy. If it is POST warranty its $35 to $55. This has been my experience. YMMV but 10 years of sprint this is whats happened for me in the past. IF you get it from wirefly, sprint store will NOT do this for you - all problems must go through wirefly.com

    If you have TEP you pay $100 for phone REPLACEMENT if you dropped it, spilled on it or just plain lost the thing in the lake or toilet, etc. So essentially you pay $8/month PLUS $100 to get a new phone if YOU broke it or its stolen, etc.
  13. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    This may be your opinion, and it may even be your experience, but it most definitively has not been mine. You also admit earlier that you don't buy TEP, so exactly how did you become the expert on it?

    For instance, my daughter purchased a used Palm Pre on eBay. Three months later, the power button went out on it. We took to Sprint and they replaced it free under TEP.

    Second, if your phone needs warranty coverage and you don't have TEP, the phone goes back to the manufacturer for repair. No charge, but you get to wait for repair or replacement.

    Third, if you have an equipment problem and it is out of warranty, Sprint will repair it for $35, it doesn't matter where you purchased the product. If you doubt this information, I have attached a Sprint handout. Please note at the bottom that there is a $35 fee charged for per incident coverage.

    Your experience may be different, but that does NOT mean that this is Sprint policy. You may have just stepped in and "got a free replacement" but most people will NOT without TEP.

    Finally, there is nothing stated by Sprint in its handout about WHERE you purchased your phone as to whether you get coverage or not.

    Sorry for my tone

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  14. gsxr150

    gsxr150 Well-Known Member

    Just make sure you call sprint within 10 days or so to add the coverage. I forgot to call on my other phone...they still added it but I cought them on a good day. Yeah, I had my EVO screen smashed and it was free to fix. Not a penny out of pocket with the sprint insurance. I think they are the only ones who cover lost and water damage. Stolen and lost are two different things, FYI. I've never lost a phone but know plenty who have dropped them in the lake.
  15. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    As I said, if you want proof you can call wirefly as to whether sprint stores will help you.

    Also, please reread my post and you'll learn a few things. Firstly, you are completely wrong about warranty periods and replacement and you misread what I wrote. To clarify - if you your phone is still under warranty, sprint will fix it IN store at the repair center if it is repairable. If they cannot they will trade you a phone - usually a refurb from their stock. If they dont have that phone in stock they will get one from sprint corporate fedexed in. If sprint doesn't have one of your phone they will replace the phone with a newer phone at sprint's discretion.

    Secondly, if your phone is NOT under warranty only then do you have to pay the $35 (minor repair) or $55 (major repair or replacement). Again TEP is only for people who break their phones, lose them, or for some reason don't want to pay $35/$55 in year 2 and beyond.

    As for wirefly versus local, please check your facts before you tell me I have attitude. I laughed at your post because you didn't even check what I said. If you buy a phone from wirefly and do NOT get TEP like most people (TEP cost would wipe out your savings in 6 months) you are out of luck if you have a problem with your phone.
  16. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Happy to entertain you.

    I also note that you have appeared to acknowledge, by repeating me no less, that perhaps I wasn't so "completely incorrect" after all.

    You appear to be operating under the misapprehension that purchasing a phone at Wirefly is any different than purchasing a phone at Best Buy or Radio Shack or Walmart or Sam's Club or..., really, I don't need to go on. Do you really think Sprint singles out Wirefly??

    You are wrong. I see no reason to belabor the point.

    Since you don't intend to use Wirefly, why get so worked up about tearing this one company down? Maybe you should redirect your efforts at Best Buy.

    You can have the last word on this. I am through.
  17. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

    Lets remember to be respectful and kind to each other guys/gals.
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  18. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    This thread was reported to be watched because of "tone" and "attitude" comments, etc.
    Getting personal violates forum rules. I could delete such comments, but they're not too bad. I will kindly and respectfully request that you valued members refrain from getting personal, in any way. Keep to the issues. I thank you all very much and am grateful for your compliance and your continued contribution to Android Forums. Valued members are who keep us #1. :)
  19. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    I apologize to LxMxFxD for saying he had an attitude. (Hanging head low.) :(
  20. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Not sure how/why wirefly would be the one to ask about sprints policies/procedures???? :confused:

    Any who, just my 2 cents.....
  21. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

    Best Buy's unsubsidized prices are always higher than in other stores so it is very possible it will be $800 or at least close.
  22. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Yes and I found it very irritating. Not because I was uneducated enough to actually pay retail at Best Buy instead of going next door to the Sprint store, but because Best Buy charged me tax on the full retail (California law), and this cost me.

    What possible reason does Best Buy have for charging more than the Sprint retail price?
  23. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

    To make money off of the people who don't realize it's actually cheaper at Sprint for unsubsidized phones. Most people probably think since there contract pricing is cheaper that that must mean there unsubsidized prices are cheaper as well. So Best Buy cashes in on it.
  24. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Best Buy, true to form, has a list price for the Epic 4G Touch at $799.99.

    Samsung *

    That would make my tax payment $62 if I were to upgrade at Best Buy. No thanks. Truly amazing.

    *Although it is interesting to note that the link from the Samsung site to the Best Buy site shows the Galaxy S2, not the Epic 4G Touch. So who knows, maybe Samsung screwed the retail price up.
  25. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

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