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Epic 4G Touch Flashed To Boost Android Versions

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  1. wcsc12

    wcsc12 Member

    I don't need any help flashing or anything.

    My question is this, what version of Android are you guys running on your flashed Epic 4G Touchs. I'm still running the stock EL29 Gingerbread but I want to upgrade to a different rom. However, the problem is I don't know if I flashed to CM9 that I will have to reflash my phone. Can anyone confirm this? or maybe you have already done it.

  2. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Flashing a different rom will not have an effect on your flashing on to Boost. It is a totally different flashing. One you're flashing the Qualcomm chip in the phone and the other you're flashing the rom that resides in the memory.

    I have the Boost stock firmware on mine. I just left it at that. I do not want to start dealing with MMS issues again. I've used GO SMS before but I do not like its whole over bearing approach. I haven't even rooted mine.

    But to answer your question. You can flash away and no problems should arise. If you flashed it yourself then reflashing it should not be a problem... right?
  3. wcsc12

    wcsc12 Member

    True but it took me like 3 hours to do it total. Apparently, one of the programs wouldn't run in Win 7 or Vista and so I had to actually go find my Windows XP CD and then start up a virtual server in VMWare to install Windows XP and that's how I had to flash the phone.

    Something I really don't want to do again.

    But thank you for the answer. Luckily, my MMS fix was super easy. It only took me maybe 2 minutes or so to fix my MMS issue. The hard part was the actual flashing.

    Now I'm off to decide between Jelly Bean and ICS.
  4. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Once you got the info off the phone in XP you do not ever have to "redo" it. You can use the info that you got the last time to activate the phone again.

    Actually. I got the info off my phone once and I've used it on multiple phones. My original was a Evo 4g. Then I upgraded to the Evo Design. Then I changed again to a Epic 4g Touch (S2). The GSM features on the Design was something I needed so I switched back to the Design. I also was having issues with the S2 not sending mms. I did do the mmsc switch but that didn't help. I just couldn't be bothered. At that time Boost didn't offer the S2. But I just did my wife's and used the Boost version of Android on it. So everything works.

    But my point is that you do not need to get the information off the phone again. Actually all you need is the profile 0's aaa keys and you're set. I've bought a few phones that way. The dude (or dudette) sends me the serial of the phone and the aaa keys. I trusted them to destroy the phone.
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  5. wcsc12

    wcsc12 Member

    Thank you for your reply. I went ahead and flashed to a different version of Android and I love it.

    I had to Odin down to EL26 with non Team Rogue CWM on it and then it was easy as pie.
  6. TyranTxHD

    TyranTxHD Well-Known Member

    You should check out Mr. Boost n00b rom it doesn't require custom recovery or root and it's quite amazing if I do say so myself.

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