Epic availability for SWAC (advantage club)?

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  1. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    Understand there are two of these in the Evo forum but none in this one. Originally I was waiting for the Evo to become available but was told by my sponsor that the Epic would be available on launch date for advantage members...which obviously did not happen.
    So my question is if anyone has insights from their sponsor or from Sprint's Customer Care as to how soon this phone will be available to SWAC members? Thanks.

  2. RacCas

    RacCas New Member

    at the end of october
  3. farcus

    farcus Member

    The evo and epic are both confirmed for late october! I registered just to post this. I have a screenshot as proof, but due to confidentiality I will wait to post it. But this is confirmed. A letter was sent out today to sprint employees and I have it.
  4. fallen888

    fallen888 New Member

    farcus, any more specifics you can reveal at this time?

  5. Murdermajig

    Murdermajig Well-Known Member

    Im assuming you mean Sprint employees/family. Then yes it will be released at end of october. I am also waiting.
  6. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    employees/family + friends. I fall into the latter.
  7. Brett

    Brett Member

    You probably already saw the update on the other threads, but here it is again for clarity:

    "...Expect to see an announcement on employee and SWAC availability in the next two weeks. Launch plans are finally under way for an early November launch."

    This is literally the latest news that employees have access to, and we're just as underwhelmed by it as our SWAC "sponsees", so don't call or email employee care for details. Avoid further frustration by making sure your upgrade eligibility and all SWAC acounts are current prior to the announcement.

    Best bet on a more concrete answer is during or after Dan Hesse's post Q3 earnings announcement all-hands meeting.
  8. Droid_Rage

    Droid_Rage Active Member

    (First post ever)..... Rumor has it, they will both be available for Advantage Club members at midnight (eastern) tonight. That's from the Evo 4g forum on this site. Hope it's true, I've got an email into my future sponsor to validate. Getting super excited as I've never had the privledge of owning an android phone, or any other smart phone for that matter. I'll be upgrading from a Samsung Gravity (Motorolla RAZR, and Motorolla V300 prior to that), and getting out of TMobile contract early, after 8 years, just to get on with Sprint and get this Epic. It's very possible that my head will explode from the pure awesomeness that I will experience the moment I touch this phone.

    **Edited** Well, I just heard back from my future sponsor, I guess the phones are only going on sale for the employee's tonight at midnight. And the wait continues.....
  9. Brett

    Brett Member

    You might want to check with your sponsor again, 'Rage. Here's the text verbatim from iConnect:

    "Effective November 2nd, at 12:01 AM Eastern time, employees and Advantage Club customers can place orders online for the hottest Sprint 3G/4G phones on the market."

    It's in bold type, second paragraph on the story. Can't miss it.

    The only restriction indicated relates to the special price reduction offered to employees. Employees who wish to take advantage of the limited availability extra savings (on their EWD account) must do so by ordering from the website. The extra savings (for employees) will not be honored at campus stores.

    Best of luck, and thanks for choosing Sprint!
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  10. Droid_Rage

    Droid_Rage Active Member

    Thanks Brett. I'll definitely get ahold of my sponsor again. I'll probably copy and past some of what you provided above! Do you know if there is a special link that I will need to go through to purchase the phones on-line, or can I just go to Sprint | Welcome to Sprint Wireless Advantage Club and purchase through there? My sponsor said they would send me a link when the Epic is available for Advantage Club members, so I wasn't sure if it was an employee specific link that I would need to buy through or what. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Brett

    Brett Member

    There are two ways to obtain equipment and set up accounts for Advantage Club members online, and both must be initiated by the sponsoring employee:

    Method 1: The employee can purchase the phone/set up the account for you online, via the iConnect employee store link -this is a separate site from the welcome page you indicated in your post, and it is only accessible from the Sprint corporate Intranet.

    Method 2: The employee can invite you to shop for your device by sending the invitation using the form on the above mentioned iConnect employee store site. When they send you the invitation, Sprint generates a custom private link to the employee store that you can access from the public Internet (good for two weeks), along with instructions on how to proceed. You select your device (and/or accessories), and when you check out, the information is sent to your sponsor for approval and final processing.

    Advise your sponsor to log in to iConnect, then browse to the Wireless Advantage Club section and follow the first link on the page to initiate either method. (The exact path is Our Company > Human Resources > Benefits > Employee Discounts > Sprint Wireless Advantage Club)

    Of course, if you and your sponsor can get to a campus store, they will have extended weekday hours through Nov 8.
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