Epic is full, had to root, still not enough space?

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  1. paulb104

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    Aug 29, 2011
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    So I bought my Epic the day it became available from Sprint. I've known about rooting prior to that but never needed to do it.

    Now my phone is almost full. I've got Apps2SD Pro and all the apps are moved to the sd card. I've uninstalled apps that I don't regularly use that stay on the phone (dropbox and xfinity) and uninstalled updates to other system apps that I *do*use (like google maps, facebook, youtube). Even after all that, yesterday morning I had less than 25mb free.

    Last night I followed the most excellent directions of the qbking77 video and successfully rooted my phone. Immediately after there was LESS space on the phone (less than 6mb free).

    Titanium Backup was the next step and I made a complete system backup and then I started uninstalling bloatware (amazon mp3, strint tv, blah blah).

    Now I have 21.04mb free.

    I was under the impression that after rooting I'd be able to move apps to the sd card that I wasn't previously able to.

    Am I missing something? Maybe another app or a different rom?

    It would really, really, suck if I have to upgrade to a new phone simply because the Epic doesn't have enough space.


    Thanks :)


  2. o0Syn

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    Nov 29, 2010
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    I know this is OOOLD but, I have been having the same problem myself. It seems the apps that will not move to SD card are becoming too large for our old phones to handle. Facebook is now 43+mb somehow?

    I used Titanium backup to get rid of a lot of the stock locked-in apps and I have 50mb free and I still get the message that I am almost full. :(

    I have a suspicion that there is some sort of log file(s) is gaining size over time because we are rooted. My girlfriends phone had a similar issue and luckily someone found the log files that were making the issue. I should probably try to figure out if that is happening to us also. It's just a guess.

    for the future heres a list
  3. kevindroid

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    maybe you should try links to sd. creates more space by using the sd card partition
  4. djfreshboy

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    Sep 11, 2012
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