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  1. watchntv

    watchntv New Member

    1. I made a mistake and did what the salesman told me to and added my gmail account that i use as to my phone
    Now I have 4000 contacts and when I want look through contacts that i can actually call, it is beyond a pain in the butt
    how do I delete all non-phone contacts?

    2 I want to use the 4G hotspot, I can turn it on and use it, but my laptop will connect to it(the phone number is the password) but it says I wont get internet service...how do I fix this?

    3. my friend has Iphone and uses Facetime, I made her download Qix so I could use my Epic and talk to her
    she did, so I called her and when we connect via Qix, we get disconected immediately because our versions are incompatible? I dont know how to re-downloard Qix(it was on my phone)
    but what do I do to fix this problem?


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