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Epub and PDF ebooks App

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  1. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member


    Does anyone know if there is an app that will let me read both my epub and pdf books? Yes, yes, I know Calibre does conversions but even the Calibre website itself says that pdf is the least preferred format to convert from and I often get unreadable output. I know that I could use the native pdf reader but I was really wanting to be able to browse my books as a single collection through a single app rather than having them in multiple places. Any thoughts or ideas? Google Editions couldn't come soon enough for me as I refuse to commit to any of the proprietary store ebook formats!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Have you tried Aldiko?
  3. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member

    Yes, I use it for my epub. Guess I should have also said that I've tried almost any other one I could find...FB Reader, ireader, Kobo reader, Kindle, Nook, Borders app, Wordplayer (complete disaster of an app...neat idea but wow...bad implementation). Seems like there may have been a couple of others too. But none of them will read BOTH epub and PDF. So, I'm stuck. I just want a central library to browse my ebooks not through separate apps. Seems like a simple wish with both of those formats being rather mainstream...
  4. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    I went through much the same search. Ended up converting all my pdf books into epub books using Calibre. Almost all of them converted just fine. I now use Aldiko for the whole library.
  5. solo170

    solo170 Active Member

    hmm i went through the same thing i guess. Tried converting PDFs using calibre. worked fine for some files but the ones with large pics came out shocking. So i stuck with a PDF reader and aldiko for epubs. Always be on the look out for one single app that can handle large PDFs and also epubs

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