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Do you keep your principles while gaming

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  1. No

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  2. Yes

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  3. I don't have principles

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  4. some games I do

  5. When I am in the mood for it


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  1. Eki

    Eki New Member

    Hello I am a mother at home and I make games for the android phone.

    You can download this little game for free

    100Feet: Angry centipod Temple

    It's my first game, how does it behave on the faster phones ,Andorid 4+?

    Furthermore, I made a game that is better than this one and I wan't to make a good start with it. Currently I am making a trailer... Are there tips I need to know?

    The market is so crowded.

    Greeting everybody

    Eating other animals isn't it, is it?


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