Eris 3500 MaH battery? How long does it last?General

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  1. pittguy578

    pittguy578 Well-Known Member

    Just curious.

  2. Jshizzy

    Jshizzy Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine today and should recieve it by Tuesday. I will re-post in this thread and give you the details. Thickness compared to other items, such as a naked droid, and info on the charge of the battery with details on usage etc.
  3. LiverpoolsNo9

    LiverpoolsNo9 Well-Known Member

    Depends on how you use your phone, but you can realistically charge every other day.
  4. Jshizzy

    Jshizzy Well-Known Member

    I am not really worried abouot having to charge it. I always charged my previous phones at night. I just hate having to charge mid-day. If I don't then when i get off work and want to listen to MLB at Bat or Slacker/Pandora, I don't hardly have enough battery.

    I use my Eris's browser alot during the day. Super drain. Or navigate while not charging, Super drain.
  5. Snotrocket

    Snotrocket Well-Known Member

    You'll never have to worry about charging mid day again.

    I've had mine for about a month and it was the best thing I've done to the phone.

    You could go 2 days easy without charging.

    As of posting this my phone has been un-plugged since 3am and it's now 2pm. I've made and received 8 calls for about 15min talk total, answered a dozen emails, checked my facebook a few times, 12 text messages and I'm at 87%.

    My GPS is on all the time, screen is on auto bright (which is a battery killer).
  6. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Its kind of hard to kill it. right now mines at 84% with some meduim surfing a crapload of gtalk and text messages couple pics and a little pandora in there. One quick call, 7hrs 10 mins off the charger.

    couple weekends ago I listened to about 5 innings on at bat then talked to my dad for 4 hours straight plus whatever else typically happens on weekends, like a few txts check androidforums etc, it was still green don't have any numbers or anything for ya though.

    oh yeah auto brightness here too.

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