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  1. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    I've had the Motorola droid since it was released. I was going back and forth between the Eris and the droid. I went with the droid because of android 2.0 and hardware specs. Know I'm having second thoughts. I've had problems with the droid. screen lag, apps locking up and starting to not like the bulkiness. I really don't take advantage of google maps.

    I think the biggest things that are holding me back from the switch is battery life and not knowing if there going to upgrade the eris to 2.0.

    i think the battery life problem might just be a software problem due to some of the posts in other threads stating that it stays at 5% battery level for hours. I might be able to put up with the battery problem by picking up a extra battery and cradle.

    Input Please:D

    Any thought on the compatibility of this cradle and does HTC HERO batteries compatible with ERIS.

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  2. The Eris does not have any battery life issues. I get about 4 days of use out of mine per charge. I can get up to 6 days per charge max with some usage.
  3. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    Without turning off:

    Mobile Network
  4. OldSmoky

    OldSmoky Well-Known Member

    You're the only one. Either that or you don't use it much.
  5. What did you expect from a 1300mha battery?
  6. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

  7. gadgetmom88

    gadgetmom88 Well-Known Member

    I had the Droid too and switched to the Eris. I came from the iPhone platform and am much happier with this phone despite it having older software. I just couldn't get past the form factor of the Droid. Too bulky, heavy, not pocketable. I also had problems with it and believe it was because so many apps weren't compatible with 2.0.

    I'm happy with the Eris in many respects. The web browsing experience is better (IMO) due to pinch and zoom. The interface is more pleasant and despite its inferior processor - is still snappy. The only area I'm disappointed in is battery life. Mine is so bad that Verizon is sending out a new battery. I plan to buy. a bigger battery as soon as one is available, put chargers at home and work. I believe software updates will help with this soon - the iphone also started out with these issues and it was resolved through updates fairly quickly.

    Bottom line - I wouldn't let the hype on the Droid make you keep it if you aren't happy with it. The Eris is a good phone and I doubt you'll be disappointed with it.
  8. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I came from the iphone too. I also had a Samsung Omnia which had average battery life so i purchased an extra battery and cradle.I'm wondering since Eris is basically a re-badged Hero would the batteries and cradles work with the eris?
  9. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    Does anybody have any experience returning a phone to bestbuy. Want to know what kind of crap there going to give me.
  10. ryanc2

    ryanc2 Well-Known Member

    I swapped out my droid for an Eris at BB. I asked the guy if I could return the Eris back for the Droid if I decided I made the wrong decision. In so many words, he said - "I don't give a crap"

    He was the BB mobile manager. Of course, your store may be different.
  11. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    So i guess there is no restocking fee and the usual 30 days.
  12. ryanc2

    ryanc2 Well-Known Member

    That was my experience.
  13. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    How bad was the battery life? Did it last most of the day and did you see how long it lasted past 5%.
  14. tdunn

    tdunn Member

    I too had second thoughts...

    Switched by Droid for an Eris after having the Droid for 9 days...

    One day later I was back at the Verizon store asking them to make an exception and let me exchange the Eris back for another Droid, which they did.

    For me personally the Droid is a much better phone.

    The Eris form factor is better, and the sense UI is nice... but other than that the Droid wins hands down.

    No comparison on battery life... Hero owners who have a 1500mah battery have been complaining about their phone. Go check the Hero forums, it's easy to find the complaints. The Eris is basically the same phone as a Hero with a even smaller battery (1300mah)... enough said!

    Others on here might try to get you to believe the Eris has great battery life... it doesn't...I'm sure I can turn my Droid in to a paperweight and it would last days too :D

    It all depends on what you want, if the form factor is the most important factor to you. I'd say the Eris might be for you. If speed, battery life, signal strength, and call quality are your forte... then stick with the Droid.
  15. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    I had the iphone for months and once the newness wore off i didn't really care about all the apps,didn't play much games and all the little neat fun apps got old. So what it really came down to was a i needed a reliable phone with good texting interface, good push email and some convenient apps(sportstap, bar code scanner,news,weather,etc...). So i know when the droid starts to feel dated and more and more sleek and liter phone come out for the android os. I'm going to feel tired of carrying around a brick.

    Oh, when really comes down to it, i'm just waiting for the iphone.
  16. cyberranger

    cyberranger Active Member

    So ... thanks for trolling ...
  17. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    So i'm a troll because i prefer the iphone when it becomes available on Verizon.Just a personal preference. I had the iphone,i'm not bashing the where do i fall under trolling?
  18. gadgetmom88

    gadgetmom88 Well-Known Member

    My battery lifewas very bad at first - lasting only 2-4 hours. With all the tips on this forum I've got it up to about 8 hours. I've not noticed it hanging at 5%, and my fastest drain occurs from about 40% to 10%. All of that could be related to whatever battery meter people choose. I'm ok with it now as I can typically charge within that 8 hour time frame (at least that's what I'm telling myself). But I'll buy a bigger battery ASAP. Don't know what Verizon was thinking putting a 1300 battery in a smartphone.

    A note on the iPhone - for those who have never had one - owning one definitely skews your view of what a phone should be able to do. I came to Android to support the idea of an open platform, but there are definitely performance compromises made to be here. On the iphone, things just work intuitively, and jailbreaking gives the same level of customization as Android. I hope Android progresses to the performance levels of the iPhone so that we all don't have to run around as iPhone geeks. But for now, Android could definitely learn something from Apple on ease of use.
  19. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Well-Known Member

    Keep it civil, guys.

    A friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood moderator. :D
  20. cyberranger

    cyberranger Active Member

    My apologies c64. I over-reacted to your post. I mistakenly thought you were calling the Droid a brick without first trying it.

    Sorry! :eek:
  21. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    No Problemo:eek:

    I had the iphone for months. it wasn't the phone at all it was AT&T service that finally made me go back to Verizon. If i never had the iphone i probably would have put up with some of the droids problems(my anal problems). Verizon was always lacking in the smart phone area and i was getting tired of experimenting with their line up. The android phones are the best phones verizon ever had(in my opinion). I just think once the iphone arrives will have the best of both worlds.
  22. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    I'm switching to the eris. Tried it out again at the verizon store.tried the browser and some apps and the performance seemed fine to me. Overall its good enough for now.

    just have a few questions. I know my questions could be answered by searching in this forum, but i want to do the switch tonight and I'm hoping u guys could help me out.

    1. how is the email(push response and overall setup)
    2. Can i get most of the popular apps available on 2.0
    3. does the eris show any lag with emulators(snes,nintendo,c64 etc...)
    4. does it sync with gmail contacts
    5. does it have notification led.

  23. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    1. Works great for me.
    2. I have yet to look for an app that I needed and couldn't find.
    3. No experience with this.
    4. Perfectly.
    5. Yup. For the native apps, it uses the trackball to flash to notify you. For other apps, it uses the power / status LED (like Handcent SMS).

    BTW, my battery life is now tremendous. I charged the phone to an indicated 70% this morning and took it off around 10:15. Since then I have been calling, texting, surfing the web and playing you-tube pretty much non stop (my awake time is a legit 60% vs. it's normal 10-15) and I'm down to 30%. This is with BT and WiFi ON.
  24. c64

    c64 Well-Known Member

    I must of missed this little tidbit, but why only charge to 70% not 100%:confused:
  25. BlueSnake01

    BlueSnake01 Well-Known Member

    Weird, im wondering this some Eris come with the Hero SMS problem? Mine (wife's actually :D) never passed 35% awake and that was heavily used. Most of the time its around 20%-25%, never goes over 25% (from what ive seen). Either way battery is not the greatest, itll last the most 9hrs with moderate usage. It's not the worst but it is horrible compared to the Iphone and my Storm. Still a great phone just wished they wouldve kept the Hero battery.

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