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Eris & Droid Differences, HelpSupport (Browse All)

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  1. yankeeboy

    yankeeboy Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 9, 2009
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    Good evening all -

    I am new to Android - I work in the industry and have never used an Android Phone - I love how slick and smooth it is - much nicer than the iPhone UI wise. Love the forum, have been reading for a few weeks not to learn as much as I can about the new OS, devices and applications.

    I received my Eris yesterday and I must say that I am really happy I chose this one over the Moto Droid. The Droid was just WAY too bulky. From what I am reading on this forum, it appears that an update to the 2.0 is coming - I am looking forward to that coming....

    I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries for a first post, I have a few questions....

    1. The battery on this thing is killing me. I downloaded the Advanced Task Killer and have been using that to drop apps that I am not using. The question I have is, if I put a shortcut on one of the sense UI screens - is it using memory? Do the widgets use memory? Enough to worry about?

    2. On the Droid, you can go to a song, highlight it and hold down and choose to make it a ringtone....I dont see this on the Eris - is this a 2.0 feature?

    3. Do you think that the Sense UI that is being ported over to the 2.0 will look the same - or different? What new features is everyone hoping to see.....

    4. How dangerous is rooting your phone? Would you liken it to loading a non-official ROM on a BlackBerry?

    5. Can anyone suggest a good place to start to learn to write applications?

    I am happy to say that you now have me as a forum member, and I will be leaving the CrackBerry and Howard Forums to immerse myself into this technology. Looking forward it.... :cool:

  2. andrewzpsu

    andrewzpsu Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    I can't answer most of those questions but I did find that Advanced Task Killer was actually killing my battery. After uninstalling it my battery has been lasting 3-4 times longer. Shit even streaming pandora radio all of yesterday it lasted about 5-6 hours longer than the day before just making 6 less than two minute phone calls.


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