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  1. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Well-Known Member

    My poor little Eris was dropped in the toilet the other night. I pulled it out immediately and pulled the battery and SD card. I was in a hotel, so I didn't have any uncooked rice handy (although I did consider calling room service - probably wouldn't be the first time they had a request for raw rice). There was a little cloth pouch to use for shining shoes and it looked soft and absorbent, so I put the phone and battery in there to dry out. Put the pouch with phone inside on top of the TV so it would be gently heated to aid the drying process. Left it alone for 24 hours then checked it. Seemed to be dry so I put the battery back in, crossed my fingers and powered up. It's running like a champ!

    I'm ready for an upgrade, but didn't want to be forced into it. Now I can keep waiting for a price drop on the Nexus.

  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Good thing it's not running like crap :eek:
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  3. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Well-Known Member

    LOL. Good thing it fell in before I did my business.

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