Eris on Cricket Issues

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    I apologize if this has been addressed before but I've spent days looking and can't find a solution.

    I recently bought my first Android phone--an Eris which I was told had been successfully flashed to Cricket with full access.

    I took it to a local phone store and had it activated (it's running parallel with my old phone, lol) and then found out it needed to be flashed again since the number had changed so I took it to another reseller who flashed it for me.

    The phone is rooted and I have APN backup and restore, Anycut, Eris Root app and Superuser Permissions on the phone

    So here are the two problems I'm having. I have Internet access, txt and voice but I can't access apps or the marketplace because the old owner's gmail information keeps popping up asking for a password.

    [Edit: I used Root Explorer to delete the accounts.db file in the data\systems folder which wiped the old user. The problem now is that I can't synch with the Google servers. It keeps telling me I don't have a network connection or my phone isn't provisioned for network services]

    The second problem is that the apps that do work only work on WiFi--not on 3G.

    Is there any way to get apps access on 3G?

    I'm really an Android novice and while I guess I could take it back to the guy who flashed it, where's the fun in that? I'd rather learn how to do it myself instead.



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    I've seen reference to cricket a couple different times. What is it.
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    A service provider that uses other company's towers. Cricket uses Sprint's towers I believe.
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