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eris out of the box software leggGeneral

  1. tghosth@gmail.com

    tghosth@gmail.com New Member

    there has to be a way to fix this software problem i got my phone opened box and rite off the bat it was slow as hell txt apps everything about it was slow and i absolutly have to get this solved or someone verizon or asurion needs to get me my mottorolla back can anyone help the software propblem or a way to talk them into getting me a mottorolla droid back

  2. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    Right out of the box implies you popped the battery in and went to town. Chances are your contacts and settings are still syncing up. Did you immediately download a ton of apps? The phone will slow to a crawl while installing applications. The Eris isn't the fastest phone out there, but it shouldn't be impossible to use (unless your standards are too high).

    If all else fails, and you're feeling adventurous, you can root and overclock the CPU into the mid 700mhz range. Should speed things up a bit.
  3. Hold on, you got bumped from a Droid to an Eris by Asurion? Run to the Droid section again, there's a thread that explains that the Droids are now being replaced with Xs and Incredibles. Get on the phone and bitch to them to get your yours.
  4. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    Up until very recently they were replacing Droids with the Eris. AFAIK, they aren't officially using Incredibles or X's yet, they're tooling up to do it in the future. Could be wrong though.
  5. Right, he may want to make a claim retroactive to his receiving the Eris so when they do start with the Xs and Incs he gets what he paid for.
  6. lukesdiesel

    lukesdiesel Well-Known Member

    They told me my only option was another Eris or an Ally. Asurian said they were out of Droids. They said Droid owners were being offered Eris.

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