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  1. iandroidian

    iandroidian Active Member

    I guess I should have not made that last comment. Now I'm an idiot.

  2. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    I did this with my old Omnia One, and VZW charged me. They knew.
  3. Ive been tethering on Verizon for years. NEVER have I got data overage charges. All data usage goes under the unlimited plan tethered or not.

    Please stop posting.
  4. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    No, it does not. Why don't you read your contract again.

    I'm pretty sure the general consensus says YOU should stop posting.
    That's why your ass is on "Probation".
    Hell, stop living while you're at it.
  5. I have worked at Verizon Wireless in the Network Repair Bueru Its 100% clear you have never even tethered a phone in your life. Another issue is that its clear you dont understand the contract and what it states. All data usage (tethered or not) goes under your $30 unlimited plan. If Verizon catches you (they wont) all they can do is cancel your contract. Verizon has already been sued and lost big time with thier 5gb cap on the "unlimited mobile broadband" plan a few years ago.

    As stated before, all data tethered or not goes under your phones unlimited plan and Verizon does not care if you tether.

    Yes, I know more than you do.
  6. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    Verizon DOES care if you tether. And if they catch you, they WILL cancel your account and charge you. A LOT.
    Go ahead, keep tethering your phone. I hope you get caught and then you'll look even more like an idiot.
    They're going to allow people to tether their DROIDs soon, and when they do it'll have a 5GB cap. It doesn't matter if you're paying for unlimited or not.
  7. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I would stop now. You pretty much know that Ataranine is right by stating the above. I mean, all they can do is "CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT." Oh, that's it...
  8. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    If they cancel your contract, that pretty much screws up any chance you have of getting another contract with them again.
  9. I worked at Verizon Wireless. Data is data. They dont even know that the data being used is from a tethered laptop.

    I have worked at Verizon Wireless for a few years in their network dept.

    I know more than you do.
  10. Regardless of what onion thinks he knows, I don't think he knows how much of a tool he comes off as.

    That being said, I used to tether on several of my AT&T phones (even Torrented several movies at work), it was very specifically written that it was not allowed (just as it is not allowed with Verizon), and they never ever said anything to me. My friend that worked at AT&T reminded me they would charge me data overage if they caught me, but would probably never notice unless I went way overboard. I can only assume it will be the same thing with VZW. As long as your data usage is reasonable, no one is going to care if it's tethered or regular usage on the phone.
  11. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    Then why did I get charged for broadband when I used a tethering app with my old omnia1
  12. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm trying to tell the self-proclaimed genius.
    It's not that they don't CARE if you tether, it's as long as you don't use a shitload of data doing it so as not to raise a flag.
    If they CATCH you doing it, which would HAVE to mean you're using too much data (thus leading them to know you're not using just your phone), they will cancel your contract.
  13. pkopalek

    pkopalek Well-Known Member

    This has all already been discussed in many other threads, including experiences of people actually calling Verizon and asking. Their official responses included it actually being JUST FINE. Until they sell an official solution for tethering, you can do what you want.

    And others who have worked at Verizon have also stated that they don't pay that much attention. The time/resources required to pay attention who uses too much data are better spent on customer service, network maintenance, and investment. If you go over 5gb significantly, you may get noticed. But they did get sued, and lose in a case involving this. You probably will not get your contract cancelled. No one has been able to, even once, come up with an example of this happening.

    Just as a side note, I'm tethered right this second. And will remain so until I get internet in my new apartment.
  14. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    Tell you what, get yourself a torrent program and go to town, while you're tethering. Get back to us in a couple of months.
  15. Yup, there has not even been ONE report about how people who tether got thier contracts cancelled. As I said before Verizon does not care about tethering. Period.
  16. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    Oh heck, I downloaded PDANet. The app is pretty much awesome. Speed was WAY better than I expected. Which proves ComCast throttles our usage. I always thought it was my computer. Did a straight hour or so of surfing the web and played a game of spades on yahoo. One of the things I did was disable scripting. Figured that would keep my usage down a bit. All those moving images in the background probably uses bandwith. But it is a pain because you lose some clicking functionality on half the sites. I will check my usage in the next day or so. Personally, I believe you will be fine if you're just surfing the web. Maybe do some small downloads and uplaods here and there. For me it would be my online school homework. The problem comes with those people downloading a movie a day or 800 songs an hour.I would hate to be the one who downloads something through that satellite and give it a virus or something. That would be pretty bad for you I think. Probably a national security issue.
  17. random155

    random155 Well-Known Member

    Im tethered right now. Let me just tell you, its fast. I dont plan on downloading games, music, videos etc... I will only use this when I need to surf the web and dont have wifi. Pretty cool.
  18. Fulltime Traveler

    Fulltime Traveler Well-Known Member

    If the phone is "acting like a router", you are mistaken.

    Neither your computer's MAC address nor its IP address will be sent out over the Internet. Your phone's MAC address would be visible for the first hop, and its IP address would travel the whole way, but your computer's MAC and IP addresses would never make it past the phone.

    Or are you saying that a tethered phone doesn't act like a router, but uses some other technology? I'm no TCP/IP expert, so I sure won't rule that out.

    Regarding whether Verizon "cares" about tethering, I have no inside knowledge. I can only report that I used a piece of freeware (wModem) to tether my XV6600 PDA/phone for a couple years. My wife and I used it as our primary Intenet connection, just as we currently use a USB data card. Verizon never complained.
  19. There is much nonsense that has been posted here...

    Your phone acts as a regular MODEM not a router or anything else. It is clear people here have zero experience in modems and the PPP protocol. Verizon does not know nor do they care if another device creates the packets. You computer does not transmit its internal NIC MAC address, thats just crazy.

    You have to understand that people who are against me here have zero experience on this topic yet they persist to think they are correct because they believe reality is how they think it is. I mean they have not even tethered a device ever.

    Stating to the contrary to what I have said is like stating 2+2= 3 in mathematical terms. I have used mathematics to display in simple terms the scope of error.

    Lets get real people. Reality only works one way and in this situation it is how I stated. Its time for my coffee now and I must go.
  20. TheExoticFish

    TheExoticFish Well-Known Member

    Been tethering for months now and generally use more than 5GBs of data without any issues.
  21. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    I'm calling BS on it's not a acting like a router. A modem modulates and demodulates. A router does not. A router ROUTES. YOUR droid eris does not modulate and demodulate. Your droid eris ROUTES when you tether. Internet explorer (on your computer) sends information all the time to microsoft. Every time you open IE it sends something. This is how Verizon would know the signal didn't originate from your phone. They will check the packets. The packets will show your mac or your local which will be different than your phone. Use a personal information filter (LIKE I DO) and you will see how much IE sends over the internet from YOUR COMPUTER. PS...I tethered for a little over an hour and it cost me 82MB in data usage. No way are you people tethering like you say and Verizon isn't calling you out. So I'm calling you out. Post a verizon bill that shows you go over the 5 GB limit tethering.
  22. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    The Eris does the same thing tethering or not tethering. So if you're not tethering then I guess the phone is still acting like a modem huh? No it is not acting like a modem. It's acting like a client connecting to a router. Everyone with a Eris is a client connecting to a central server. Personally, I think you guys want people to tether. Maybe you are paid PDANet salesmen or something. I mean really, what do you care if someone get's popped using your software. You already got paid your 30 bucks right?
  23. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    Put up or shut up. Prove that you go over 5GB a month tethering. Or not tethering for that fact.
  24. TheExoticFish

    TheExoticFish Well-Known Member

    5GB isn't much at all. Why is it hard to believe that's not possible ?
  25. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    Prove it...

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