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  1. dlbrando

    dlbrando Well-Known Member

    Droid X, Rooted deodexed 2.2 no other mods

    Starting around 6PM tonight my touch screen has gotten very erratic. To the point where I can tap the messaging Icon once and it will open it, then pick a random message, enter that conversation, pick a single message and enter that too.

    From the home screen, if I tap the menu icon, it will open the drawer, then pick a random app to open.

    It was working fine yesterday, all this has happened in the last few hours. I am on the verge of Flashing it back to an unrooted 2.1. Is this necessary, or is someone else having this problem and found an easier fix. Right now I have just pulled the battery for a little bit.

  2. dlbrando

    dlbrando Well-Known Member

    went with the SBF, however after the first time it stayed looked in the boot screen alternating between the written word Droid and the Eye. Tried a second time and same thing.
  3. dlbrando

    dlbrando Well-Known Member

    after a factory reset the problem still persists, guess I will be heading to the verizon stor tomorrow to see if I can get it fixed or warrentied out
  4. mlclm

    mlclm Well-Known Member

    You might not have been on 2.2, what's your bootloader version? Did you try to restore a backup to see if the problem persisted?
  5. dlbrando

    dlbrando Well-Known Member

    tried a backup, no joy, tried a flash, no joy, factory reset, nothing. Took it into Verizon, spoke with someone who knew quite a bit and we kinda danced around the whole root and mod issue. He said with everything I had done it had to be hardware related, so now they are overnighting me a new phone.
  6. BusaRider

    BusaRider Well-Known Member

    HeHe, read that as ErOtic touch screen. Was expecting a whole different thread.

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