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  1. robert93436

    robert93436 Well-Known Member

    error 104 poped up on my phone a couple of hours ago got a scrennie of it, updated profile and prl, now my phone just re booted by its self for some reason as well any ideas of whats causing the reboot and error 104

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  2. johnbobie

    johnbobie Member

    out of curiosity do you use hotmail and are signed into it through your phone? Reason I'm asking is because Hotmail is currently down and accounts are not able to sign in until Microsoft brings it back up. Depending on how often you set your email to refresh, your phone will prompt this if unable to refresh/sign in..I had this happen about an hour ago as well.

    and your phone will also reboot automatically after a profile update
  3. robert93436

    robert93436 Well-Known Member

    ^it was right after i updated my prl thats when my phone rebooted, but ya i have gmail as my primary account, but my phone hasn't rebooted since then, strange lol
  4. LEVERage

    LEVERage Well-Known Member

    Your phone is suppose to reboot after you update your profile
  5. kahuama

    kahuama Active Member Contributor

    I just got my Galaxy SII 3 weeks ago, everything was good until one day I received a notification saying that if I want to install the new software update for Android. I was on fl22, I press yes and installed and at night I realize I have not received any Emails ( have a small business, so I always get Emails) and when I check my phone 4g has an X, and so I thought that maybe I have to reset the phone so I did it, turn phone back, and the same 4x meaning no 4g network, I pull the battery off for 2 min. and still the same, I have no apps installed besides Facebook, So I call Customer Service and bla bla bla, no help, I update prl,profile, and I did notice that I was on the fl24 which came out on January 2013, so still nothing... so I decided to root my phone and voila!!!! 4g is back :D, and install the pacmam jelly bean rom and no issues, so I decided to do a test, so I went back to stock (no root) using Odin and see if I did something wrong the first time, so phone went back to stock and again 4x no internet :(, only when I root my phone or install a different rom I have 4g ...BTW 3g never work and I am in a good 4g 3g coverage. so I don't know if any of you have this problem or know the solution because I really like stock. sorry for the sea history, any help will be appreciate
  6. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    ##72786# will make the phone do the activation process again and re-provision all its data connections.
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  7. kahuama

    kahuama Active Member Contributor

    Thanks , i did that to, since the beginning , didn't work

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