Error 497 while downloading GO Launcher EX

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  1. Parm206

    Parm206 Member


    I am getting error 497 when I tried to download GO Launcher EX on my new Samsung galaxy Y. I tried downloading it twice. When downloaded 71% and 86% of the file, it gave the error 497. Please help me out ASAP.

    Note: SamsungApps are working fine and I am also not getting any error while downloading them.

    Any help or suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you and Regards,


  2. UssjTrunks

    UssjTrunks Well-Known Member

    Are you downloading it from the Android Market? If so, is this the only app that is giving you trouble, or does this happen with every app you try to download from there?

    You can try downloading it from an alternate source, like App Brain:

    GO Launcher EX - Android app on AppBrain
  3. Parm206

    Parm206 Member

    Yes, I am downloading all applications from Android market. I am getting this error with many applications like Animated weather widgets, clock widgets, dictionary. I have successfully downloaded other applications from Android market. They are working well on my mobile.

    I will try downloading the application from the link given above and then will keep you informed.

    Thank you.
  4. Parm206

    Parm206 Member

    I am not able to download the Appbrain app also from Android market which is required for downloading GO Launcher EX on my mobile. Still getting same error 497. Please help.
  5. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Try this:

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab > scroll to market and open it > clear data. Then retry.
  6. Parm206

    Parm206 Member


    I have downloaded all the applications, given above, successfully.

    Please tell me why these applications are not downloading..



    The applications started downloading but when it was near to complete it started again downloading. Twice when it got downloaded to 36%, it again started downloading from 0%

    Also tell me how to set a music file as ringtone in Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Thank you.
  7. Parm206

    Parm206 Member


    Thank you for your continuous support. I am done with all the files now. My mobile looks really different now.

  8. crw42072

    crw42072 New Member

    I just purchased a samsung skyrocket and was having the same problem. I was using my galaxy while i was waiting to get a new phone cause the tech support thought there was a problem w the firm/software on the skyrocket. I upgraded my galaxy from 2.2 to 2.3 and started getting the 497 error on it. I turned off my wi-fi and the problem was gone. I am not exactly sure but I beleive that 2.3 has a problem with the Market and wi-fi mix.
  9. naaz976

    naaz976 New Member

    i am getting 497 error while downloading any of the android application
  10. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    Those errors come and go with the Android Market, as it can be unstable from time to time try clearing data from the Market app in the application manager. Clear both cache and data and then restart you device.Or you can try running it thru the Discombobulator and see if that helps:D
  11. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    Any luck?

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