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  1. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Sorry if this question has been asked a dozen times this week already, I know how frustrating that can be. I'm a new Android owner (first smart phone for me ever! I know, I'm out of date). Just picked this Galaxy S 2 4G touch last week. I can not access anything on the web, UNLESS I do it through a wireless router. I've tried calling sprint about it and the lady on the phone was useless. Went through her whole typical jargon, and it did nothing. Told me I need to get to a certified sprint repair center. Well that could be a while, and I really hate dealing with them anyways, so turning to the forum for answers!

    I get a message that pops up at the bottom of the screen

    Error 67: Registration Failure. Your sprint data service username/password may be incorrect. Please try again.

    I'm sure this is probably something simple to fix. But, is it something I can do on the phone myself, or is this something I will actually have to go to Sprint and have them look at it? Seems like someone could have easily fixed this over the phone if they weren't just reading from a book and knew what they were doing.

    Forgive my ignorance here, I'm a complete New-B with this stuff!

    Thanks all!

  2. NaughtyPup

    NaughtyPup New Member

    Try Updating your profile. Go Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> Systems Updates -> Update Profile & Then do an Update PRL
  3. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Yeah, did all of that already, no change.
  4. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Any other suggestions, or am I going to be forced into going to a dreaded sprint store?

    Bueller...... Bueller.....?
  5. _Epic

    _Epic Well-Known Member

    Go to a Sprint store and they should have it fixed in 5 minutes. Not a big issue.
  6. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Kind of what I figured... thanks for the input!
  7. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Brought it to a "certified sprint repair" center... did a hard reset on it 2x, and then said the phone was defective. I had the phone for 3 weeks at this point and Sprints wonderful policy is returns in 14 days... thank god I got this phone at radio shack, since they have a 30 day return policy. Went there and new phone should be in today.

    My major concern here is, I'm going to get the new phone and it's going to do the same thing. I have a feeling there is nothing wrong with my phone at all, and the people who are trying to fix this don't know what they're doing.

    The guy at the sprint repair center tried explaining to me that there are two separate numbers on the phone, one we use for calling/texting etc, then the second for the data plan (this sound right?), and mine was all "0's"...

    something tells me it's just a simple thing Sprint needs to fix on their end, not an issue with the phone. So after the reset from the sprint tech, I also lost everything on my phone! Yah!

    I'll let you all know what happens today after I get the new phone. I'm assuming the phone was actually in yesterday, since about 2pm yesterday I've lost all service with the phone, I can't even call or text right now, so I'm assuming they set the new one up for me, but decided not to call me to let me know it was in, how nice of them.
  8. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    I had this same problem before. I called Sprint technical support and got it fixed in less than five minutes. What needs to be done, is to have your username and password re-added back to your account. Easily done over the phone. Unless there are some other issues involved.
  9. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    That is EXACTLY what sounds like it needs to be redone... the phone even says "data username/password may be incorrect"...

    Is there a "direct number" to get a hold of sprint tech support? I called the number on the bill and was on the phone for over 30 minutes going over this. I even told the lady on the other end of the line about "error 67" popping up over and over and she basically just ignored me, because that wasn't in the binder of info she had in front of her, you know? Very frustrating.
  10. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Just call Sprint from your device (*2), ask for a level two technician - tell them (whoever you are on the phone with) that you were talking to one of their technicians and you got disconnected. In fact, any rep should be able to do this. It's a simple task...even for customer care representative.
  11. Mdub707

    Mdub707 Member

    Well, I went back to Radio Shack yesterday to see if my new phone had arrived... turns out the other store it was coming from was never notified to send it... but they resolved that, whatever. Wednesday (2/22/12) I lost ALL service, no texts, no calls etc. Radio Shack offers me a new phone of my choice to hold me over until the new galaxy is in. I opted to try and go to the sprint repair center again, to at least get calling/texting back while waiting for the new phone. Guy at the sprint repair center remembered me and said "oh wow there's even more wrong than we originally thought, it's definitely defective, I've seen it before".....


    Back to Radio Shack I go. (I can't say enough about how good Radio Shack has been to me throughout this ordeal). They tell me to pick any phone out they have in stock, so I got a new EVO 3D. Manager is pulling it out of the box and setting it up for me. He then asks me if my galaxy was getting an "error 67?", a "registration error?" Uh yeah, that's why I was here in the first place bud! Go figure, new phone, same issue, who would of thought. Manager at RS calls up sprint tech help. Guy on sprints end says the data for the plan is just shut off completely, and they're now all puzzled as to how I was even able to call or text at all since I picked the phone up... As soon as it is turned back on, the new EVO which is laying on the counter starts going crazy with incoming texts and voicemails. Bingo...

    Of course, I couldn't take back my perfectly fine galaxy (sprint still says it's defective, yeah right...) since there is a ticket in for it already and it's deemed defective. So here I am, got a new EVO 3D to use, until Monday... that's right, they gave me a brand new phone to use for 4 days, at which point this will be returned yet again and I will have a NEW galaxy.

    It's been a trying time but I'm hoping all goes well with the new galaxy. This evo is cool, but the galaxy was WAY better IMO.
  12. Dobytech

    Dobytech New Member

    Took me 3 days, too many techs, even more useless reboots.

    Here was my problem on a Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch.
    Voice, text and WiFi works perfectly. Data connection works for <5 mins after each boot and then Error 67 and Error 104.

    Spoke to foreign tech support, asked to speak with a technician and REFUSED TO ACCEPT "this will work, goodbye". I MADE THEM STAY ON THE LINE until I rebooted and it failed. They will "upgrade" your service to a real technician, when they can't fix it, MAKE THEM STAY ON THE LINE UNTIL IT FAILS. Demand they upgrade you to the next department. There are 3 tiers in Virgin Mobile then they finally send you to California, USA, the 4th tier. NOTE- they will attempt to get you off the phone or tell you that the next level of tech support is behind a curtain that you are not allowed to go, DON'T ACCEPT THAT.

    She immediately said, "LETS UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS TO THE NETWORK" (or something like that), we then updated my Profile and rebooted. ALL FIXED.

    I went through all the ##number# codes with them, reformatted and all but this fix took the true tech support.

    If the 4th tier of support at Virgin Mobile can not fix it, they can transfer you strait to Sprint Tech support.

    Happy Hunting

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