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Error - Activity Starter and File Browser

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  1. ClassixUK

    ClassixUK Member

    hey all !

    I have started messing around with the App Inventor recently and I am starting to build an app that will let you click a button, choose a sound file and then be able to play it by clicking the button.
    The first thing needed is to be able to search for the sound file, so a quick Google (Woot!) search lead me to this page ( Activity Starter - App Inventor for Android ) at the bottom the tutorial says you can use the Activity Starter to call an existing file browser. The section also gives you an example file browser (AndExplorer) and the relevant details (intent) to be able to use it, I downloaded AndExplorer all fine but the problem is , after doing as instructed and adding a simple code block (see picture below) when I debug the app on my phone and click the button, nothing happens.
    I ran " adb logcat" and saw that it is claiming "No Corresponding Activity was Found" anyone got any ideas?

    Code block screenshot

    Now I know that it is going to be something simple, as I cannot find anyone with the same error , telling me that it is a fairly simple task, that I have somehow got wrong lol

    thanks for your time guys and if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. ClassixUK

    ClassixUK Member


    I simply tried a different file browser and now it seems to work, still no idea on why AndExplorer won't work though.

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