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  1. micherri

    micherri New Member

    I purchased a second hand Galaxy s2 I was told it had been unlocked ( originally it was locked to At&T) Current Sim card is prepaid with straight talk and is about 3 months old. I did a factory reset on the phone and now I get this message sim not provisioned MM#2. Does this mean the SIM is deactivated only or is it because I have wiped the unlock code?

    Thank you

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Factory reset shouldn't do either one. Call Straight Talk (that's lots of fun) and ask them to reprovision your caaount. At worst they'll have to send you a new SIM.

    DO NOT mention anything about the phone being unlocked. (If it was an AT&T phone and you're using a ST AT&T SIM, or it was a T-Mobile phone and you're using a T-Mobile SIM, it doesn't even have to be unlocked . It's locked to the carrier, and that wouldn't change.)
  3. micherri

    micherri New Member

    Thank you :)

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