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  1. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Well-Known Member Developer

    Error Code 1012 or 67 Resolved Without A Hard Reset

    I have had problems with my data connection on my EVO 4G and decided to figure out how to restore the data connection if the ##3282# restore modifications in the data profile does not work. Here are the steps to restore 3G data connection: (You must be connected to Wi-Fi)

    1 Go to menu then settings

    2 Select Wi-Fi and choose a network

    3 Go back home and select settings

    4 Scroll down to system updates

    5 Select update profile (DO NOT HIT CANCEL WHILE THIS IS IN PROGRESS)

    6 Select OK to continue

    7 Go to menu and select settings


    9 Tap ok to continue

    10 Go to menu select settings

    11 Select wireless and networks and turn off Wi-Fi

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  2. fuel5

    fuel5 New Member

    I have that problem. Error code 67. Data call failed. I have try everithing. Factory reset and data reset several times. My WiFi and 4g are working fine...but they are not available as much as 3g. Called boost costumer care and they said my 3g could not be tested because of an outage. Tryed all the ##3228# and some m more and nothing seems to fix the problem. My phone won't update mi profile or nothing else. When I try to update my profile it says error code 1012.
    Then I decided to reactivate my old Samsung transform ultra..and It keeps saying the same thing...but the transform won't work. Then I switched back to the HTC but it need giving me the same error.
    Boost mobile seems to not be willing to help a lot.. Any ideas?
  3. dforristall

    dforristall New Member

    I've tried the above and it's not working for me either. I lost my original phone, purchased a refurb phone, and then restored a backup I had to restore all apps and settings. Now I cannot activate.

    Should I restore the stock ROM and then try again?
  4. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Yes. Revert to stock (or stock ish rom). Activate your phone and then flash a different rom.

    If you're having error 67, that is a data disconnected error. You need to flash it over or get the proper profile 0 and write that over. Good luck.
  5. sage1o1

    sage1o1 New Member

    I too am getting the 1012 error code when I try to update my profile. I have a stock rom on there currently. Can anyone help because I'm on the lowest data connection possible.

    I flashed from Boost over to Straight Talk with a evo design 4g
  6. Illiden13

    Illiden13 New Member

    I was getting both error codes... but it allowed me to do what your instructions say to do to fix it and so far so good. I was a little upset at first because my phone is less than a month old and I paid almost full price. We will see how well this works.
  7. rc pilot

    rc pilot Active Member

    This did not fix my issue. I am still getting error code 67

    My phone is rooted, has a custom rom and kernal. Not sure if this makes a difference or not?
  8. MarieSkulsic

    MarieSkulsic New Member

    I did the above but every time I click on "update profile" I lose my wifi connection. Any other suggestions?
  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    That's normal. You cannot update profile through Wi-Fi. Only your phone's data connection.
  10. cj1212

    cj1212 Well-Known Member

    You have to figure out what your profile settings are. I had yo do this like. A week ago. My phone works fine now. If a boost rep tells u to erase your data profile. DO NOT do it lol. Iv worked with phone company's for 3 years. It does not need to be done
  11. Gh0strider89

    Gh0strider89 Member

    ty u jaay dog looks like it worked on both my evos 3g is back ty

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