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error code: "unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped"Support

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  1. nonner22

    nonner22 New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but it seems pretty sweet.

    I just recently got an HTC One X Plus, and everything has been working fine. Last night it started throwing an error code that says "unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped."

    I've done some reading, and it seems that in a lot of cases it's caused by issues with the contacts, and I've deleted the cache (I'm hesitant to delete all the data as I'd rather not lose my contacts). Also, in my reading it seems as though this error typically affects the function of the phone, that's not the case for me. The message pops up just randomly as I use my phone and it's more an annoyance than anything else.

    I've also gone through and deleted all the apps I've downloaded recently, but it's not resolving the issue. Any ideas?


  2. cbatiste1993

    cbatiste1993 New Member

    I have the same exact issue on my HTC One XL since right around midnight, tried clearing contacts cache and disabling sync but still got the error. I read on a youtube video that it could be an HTC issue with the year 2013. Someone recommended to set the date back to 2012 then a few minutes later back to 2013. I've just done this and so far haven't had it pop up again (knock on wood). Hope this helps!

    Edit: Just happened again, if I keep it set in 2012 then it doesn't occur. A lot of people are having this issue on HTC devices only since 2013.
  3. Macklor

    Macklor New Member

    Just register for this forum.
    Wanna thanks to cbatiste1993 for this tips. Its work!
    happen since yesterday. This error massage keeps coming up whenever want to make a calls or send a massage. Hopefully, htc will give permenent sollution for this error. Temporary, just set the time back 1 years
  4. cbatiste1993

    cbatiste1993 New Member

    After doing more investigating on Android Central and XDA, I discovered that this error is caused by leap years and HTC. You have a contact or facebook friend with a birthday on February 29th. Since it's 2013, HTC can't compute that there is no longer a 02-29. The only way to fix it is to clear contacts storage data, uninstall facebook (if you have it), [change the birthday of that contact (if not on facebook), (if synced with facebook) delete friend(s) with 02-29 birthday from facebook], resync and you should be good. Sucks that HTC has this problem but oh well. Hope this helps!!
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  5. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    This worked. Thank you for doing the research. I love my phone again :)
  6. kaze

    kaze New Member

    just received an OTA update

    People v4.5.538722 to solve this issue
  7. beachblu

    beachblu New Member

    cbatiste1993: unchecking the network autodate and forcing it to 2012 works! This has been driving me nuts on my new HTC Droid DNA....a phone currently being heavily pushed by Verizon. I have been to 4 different Verizon stores between Oregon and Arizona, usually leaving in a very foul mood, as they have no clue as to the extent of this problem. Their tactic is point fingers...they won't take my phone back, and in the course of 3 weeks, I have virtually used up all my data allowance trying to make the phone they sold me work!!
    You are my hero if this continues to work, because at least it pins down the problem. Of course, my calendar is now non-functional...unfortunate because I depend upon it heavily. Nevertheless, now we need to get HTC's attention to resolve THEIR glitch!!!!
  8. dunaengus

    dunaengus New Member

    Hi, I haven't posted before so I must introduce myself before I can supply the link.
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  9. dunaengus

    dunaengus New Member

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