error: device not found STEP 4 of newbies guide

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  1. j1232

    j1232 Well-Known Member

    soo im stuck on step 4 the HTCSync software wont recognize the device also when adb reboot boot-loader is attempted error: device not found is the error I get. I have the debugging enabled. any ideas?

  2. pinocytosis

    pinocytosis Well-Known Member

    try reinstalling htc sync? you'll need the correct drivers installed (via HTC Sync) in order for your computer to recognize the phone. When I was rooting my phone, I made sure that my phone could connect to HTC sync. Then I went on to root it, and I've never used HTC Sync again lol.

    ZEROZONE Member

    Hello I have some useful info for you.
    Android Debug Bridge | Android Developers
    [HIGH]Server start-server Checks whether the adb server process is running and starts it, if not.
    kill-server Terminates the adb server process.[/HIGH]

    I did research awhiile back. Will need HTC Sync program from HTC for it to work / install drivers.
    or Task manager to kill adb.exe you can try that one too.

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