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  1. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    I keep getting this message: Unfortunately, the process com.Google.process.gapps has stopped

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy rush

    Model Number SPH-M830

    Baseland Version M830VPLK7

    Build Number IMM76I.M830VPALK7

    Hardware Version M830.05

    Also certain apps of mine keep closing. My phone is stock.

    :banghead: Someone please help me:banghead:

  2. Tesla5

    Tesla5 Well-Known Member

    You might try this:

    If that doesn't work then try:

    And if that doesn't work remove your Google account from the phone and then add it back.
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  3. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    @Tesla5 thanks I'll give it a try:D

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