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  1. the anonymous

    the anonymous Member

    When I plug in my Player to a computer, it recognizes it as the yp-g70 in devices and printers but it doesn't show up in the file manager. What I'm trying to do is access its files through the computer, but it doesn't show up

  2. byronbfd

    byronbfd Member

    Does the same thing for me. I am guessing you are rooted being this section, are you trying to use it as a USB storage if so it does not work atleast on mine I have to go to recovery mode then to mounts and storage and mount it like that.
    Hope it helps.
  3. the anonymous

    the anonymous Member

    Unfortunately, my player is stuck in recovery and I'm trying to access the files so that I can delete the cwm from the computer. When I try to mount USB storage, it says this:
    E:Unable to write to ums lunfile (No such file or directory)

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