Error on upgrading Kies - Kies update cannot proceed because of network error

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  1. bobigeorge

    bobigeorge New Member


    Whenever Kies starts, it shows a message that a new version of Kies (Kies [update] is available for upgradaion. But when I try to update, after starting the download, it shows an error message that Kies cannot proceed because of network error. But my internet is working just fine.

    I completely uninstalled Kies and reinstalled, but this happens all the time.

    I am attaching the screenshot of the error message.
    Someone help me please.


  2. klaptrap

    klaptrap New Member

    This is more than likely due to you being behind a proxy server, whether you know it or not. For example, I had this issue recently with a Galaxy S3 in Singapore. The update service simply would not complete - until I used a vpn to connect to the internet and then the update completed 100% - albeit slowly. For a free vpn service use hotspotshield.
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  3. bethanc1

    bethanc1 New Member

    I just disabled my firewall (AVG) kies finally proceeded with the update. Hope this helps.

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