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  1. Slacker1313

    Slacker1313 Active Member

    I have an error message that reads; "SD card is blank or contains unsupported files".
    I removed the back of my phone and found the SD card out and just laying there.
    When I click on that message prompt it is asking me to format the sd card.

    I am assuming now that every picture and video is now stored on the phones memory which is not where I want it to be stored. I go to apps/my files and the path is /storage/emulated/0.
    Does that path mean these are stored on my phone?

    I lost my home pc this week also so until it is fixed I cannot load my sd card onto my pc to see what if anything is on it.

    Can I move all those pics from my phone memory to the sd card? If so just do it through my home pc when I fix it? Or can I move them via the phone?

    I want to save the files I already set up if possible and just get everything pointing back to the sd card without a bunch of hassle.

    Also, was I supposed to format the SD card when I first put it into the phone?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Slacker1313

    Slacker1313 Active Member

    Now I am seeing more posts on this issue so this post could probably be moved.

    My card is a Centon 64g.

    If I can get to a computer tonight I will try and format the card on a cpu. Is it fat32?
    Gonna try and see if this fixes it.
  3. arijantobing

    arijantobing New Member

    Morning from indonesia, the specific problem with not good quality of SD Card is blank or unsupported format and need reformat. Solution of this problem is buy a new one with specific type like SD Card with class 10. Don't buy SD Card with loose pack.

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