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  1. voices117

    voices117 Member

    Hello everyone:

    i bought samsung galaxy 550, and found out i could upgrade firmware to 2.2 by downloading kies from samsungs website.

    i followed every step:

    %100 battery charge
    Internet connection
    original USB

    when i plugged the phone, kies offered me to upgrade, i accepted.

    everything went fine, but then a pop up told me the install finished and right after that before i could press "Accept" windows throws an error and closes the installer.

    Now i cant use my phone. when i turn it on it shows a logo that is a pc, a warning sign and a phone
    PC -- \!/ -- phone

    if i plug it in neither the pc or kies recognices it.

    what can i do???


  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    I think you have galaxy 5500 without keyboard right !!! This is forum of Galaxy 551 and As far as I know 551 has 2.2 preinstalled.


    The warning sign is the download mode.

    Something can be done at home !!!!

    The HARD WAY :-

    Go to
    You will have to register
    Firmware- > android
    Depending on your continent download the file
    Now there is Flash program (Odin) .Download it too
    There is a guide available .Download the guide and follow instructions step by step.
    You should be able to install 2.2 easily

    Go to samsung care centre .They will gladly repair it.
    This is a normal KIES fault and 80 percent of phone failures are due to KIES.
  3. voices117

    voices117 Member

    thank you very much!

    you r right about the phone, but i thoght maybe 551 was the same :/ my bad

    if i mess up with the hard way, is samsung gonna take the phone?

    one more thing: is the firmware from the original?

    i guess samsung makes some adjustments to android so its fully compatible with the phone, so is that firmware the one that they provide?


    UPDATE: i just went to the website, im from Argentina (south america) but theres no firmware for my continent :S
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Those are OFFICIAL samsung ROM's !!! :D
    The dudes at samsung use the same software and the manual on site is official samsung guide.

    The forum for I5500 is
    Samsung Galaxy Europa (5) - Android Forums
  5. voices117

    voices117 Member


    i tried to flash it, but i didnt find the binary files (.md5), the only download that offers is the .ops and the firmware :S

    then when i didnt select any file one appeared.

    i flashed it with that one and now my phone works but its in japanese xD

    and the touchscreen doesnt work :(
  6. voices117

    voices117 Member


    now my pc wont recognize it...

    im done, ill take it to samsung.

    bye thnx

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