Error while flashing boot image! Help!

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  1. stephenvt2001

    stephenvt2001 Member

    So I have looked around xda ect. Cant find a simple answer (hoping there is).

    So long story I am on a rooted evo. I was trying to flash cm6 via rom manager. I kept getting error 7's. So I found the followed the directions.
    I am now in bootloader. Tried (many times) to run nandroid. But it gives me the error while flashing boot image for all 3 back ups. Please help!

  2. biem812

    biem812 Member

    what type of error is it giving you? can you type it exactly as is?
  3. biem812

    biem812 Member

    I recently learned that with Nandroid your battery must be up to a certain point or you'll keep getting errors. The solution, plug in your charger. This happened to me last night while trying to do a Nandroid restore. Might not fix your problem, but worth a shot.
  4. v01rider

    v01rider Well-Known Member

    yep, if the battery is almost dead, nandroid wont do anything. plug it into the charger. also, i dont care much for rom manager. i prefer to download the zip on my machine, then copy it over to the root of my sd. boot into recovery and flash it. that way i know its working. rom manager seems kinda fickle to me. (just my .02)
  5. akahn786

    akahn786 New Member

    I'm having this EXACT same problem and my batter is completely full. Please advise.
  6. wrapkgb

    wrapkgb Well-Known Member

    Which problem? Can't flash cm6 or cant restore nand? Or both?
  7. wojosama

    wojosama Member

    You can not flash cm6 without first having the engineering hboot (0.76.2000). You will get status 7 errors till the end of time if you don't have it. On the nightlies for cm6.1 you are allowed to have newer hboot versions but i would hold off until RC1 is out before you mess with 6.1. Go to the following link for the eng hboot, second post by Calkulin has a recovery flashable zip of it: Engineering Hboot

    EDIT: after you downgrade your hboot, any NAND backup made before the downgrade will not work as they are Hboot specific.
  8. dietz

    dietz Member

    New to rooting, mainly wanted to wireless tether, but decided to go with CM6. Followed all instructions for wipe and did the nandroid backup. Problem now is I dont want the CM6 anymore but still want it rooted, and when go back and select nandroid to restore it gives me an error msg of "error while flashing boot image" I did restore 1 time and went back to CM6 to try something, but what do i do to get back to the original HTC rom ??
  9. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Well-Known Member

    The only way you can get back to the stock HTC ROM is if you have a copy of it on your SD Card or your computer. Assuming you backed it up before you changed ROMs, it should be on your SD card already. If not, you can download it from xda and push it to your phone. Then flash it via ROM Manager or manually thru the bootloader.
  10. dietz

    dietz Member

    When i plug the phone in to my pc it show the drive letter of the phone but nothing is there i can not access it as a drive to see anything on the SD card. is there any way to get it off the card at this point, other than a card reader ?

    any instuctions on having to do it the other way the push / get / bootloader from XDA ?
  11. dietz

    dietz Member

    not sure if this makes a difference or not but when i tried to do the original CM6 it would not work until i installed PC36IMG. since this was installed and it was not part of the original nandroid "save" ... could it not be working due to that ??
  12. RetiredFinally

    RetiredFinally Well-Known Member

    You need to have HTC Synch installed and associated drivers to see the phone/sd card. Get the newest version at HTC Site. If you search for an RUU build XDA-developers it will put you back to stock without losing root, I think. If you let your phone update then you will lose root.

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