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Error while searching for networks

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  1. algova73

    algova73 New Member

    Hello, everyone,

    Please bear with me as I am not very savvy with cell phones. I recently bought from everbuying DOT com a phone (reference I9400 running Android 4.2), kindda like a clon of the SIII; it was supposed to be unlocked and ready to go on any AT&T and T-mobile networks. The reason I bought this phone was because I used Metro PCS and got tired of the loss of signal and other things; I bought a SIM Card from Net10 which run on the AT&T network and from what I've read online it may even run better that AT&T itself.

    Anyway, I put the SIM card in the phone and it gives me the error "Error while searching for networks" and it doesn't show any networks to choose from. I know the SIM card is working fine because I put it in a friends iPhone and in another friends Samsung S and the SIM card worked. I put other SIM cards in my new phone and it does not recognize them.

    I know it must be something with the programming of the phone but I am leaving on vacation in about 15 days and by the time I send it to China and get it back I won't be able to have it until I return from vacation, and that is IF they exchange it because now I cannot find the box :(

    I do NOT know how to flash cell phones and don't even understand what ROM is, so if you could PLEASE send me step-by-step instructions, kindda like "Android for dummies" I would really appreciate it.

    I love this phone but it is not working, any help you can give me will be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you all.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Have you tried putting in the AT&T APN settings, because you need to put those in as well...

  3. algova73

    algova73 New Member

    I did but it just searches for a loooong time but ti doesn't do anything. It just doesn't find the signal. My issue is the making and receiving telephone calls doesn't waork :(
  4. yuanhui1162

    yuanhui1162 New Member

    I have exact same phone with same problem. Have you found the solution? I appreciate if you can share with me. I am now using it as tablet instead as phone.

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