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Escape from Zargnon - 3D side-scroller

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  1. behaviorgames

    behaviorgames New Member

    We've just released our first Android game: Escape from Zargnon, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Escape from Zargnon is a simple 3D side-scrolling game. The first version was released on the Barnes & Noble Nook at the beginning of December, and on Friday we released the game on the Android Market. On the Market, there is a full version for 0.99, and a free trial/lite version (that includes the first 5 stages of the game).

    The game is a space adventure, where the main character (Quinn) has crash landed on a hostile planet. In order to escape, she must repair her ship, which requires her to battle through a set of levels against mobs of hostile aliens. Along the way, she learns new skills (attacks) to help her survive.

    The game will most likely look best on larger displays (800x480 or larger) and you can find more info at our website

    Below is a screenshot, where Quinn is fighting her way through a rough patch of aliens:


  2. Pushwall

    Pushwall Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the game info! :cool: I'm off to try the demo.
  3. behaviorgames

    behaviorgames New Member

    Great! Let me know what you think (or if you have any problems)!

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