Essential Apps for the IDEOSTips

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  1. ssaigol

    ssaigol Member

  2. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

    Barcode scanner is worthless because the camera sucks so bad :(

    I've only manages to have it read qr codes of my monitor when the image is large enough.
  3. ssaigol

    ssaigol Member

    It only has trouble reading small QR codes on my CRT monitor. On my laptop's screen it has no prob. That's because of the horizontal lines created by different frame rates of the monitor and camera.
  4. ssaigol

    ssaigol Member

    Adding one more:

    estrongs Inc. ES File Explorer - Android

    In addition to file management it can access windows shared folders over wifi and has a task killer.
  5. MustRam

    MustRam New Member

    Adobe Reader.

    I can't forget this one :)

    does android have word excel etc?
  6. ssaigol

    ssaigol Member

    On the standard IDEOS ( I don't know about Comet) you have Docs to Go free version which allows view only, no editing.
  7. cooool_man84

    cooool_man84 Member

    Dear i dont know how to give a link of software, in market application of your ideos goto search, write there ADVANCE TASK MANAGER, it is a best software is seen which let you save your battery and memory by showing you programs which are running, you can turn them off which u don't need on the spot. thanks.
  8. nba1341

    nba1341 New Member

    setcpu (helps save battery and run angry birds smoothly when needed)
  9. phonepaul

    phonepaul Member

    * Need a file app. I use Astro
    * To toggle auto rotation on and off, I use AutoRotate Switch
    * Color Flashlight to put up a bright white screen
    * Data Counter Widget to keep track of data use (I use the phone with prepaid data so I need to keep non-wifi data use low)
    * K9 Mail for email
    * MyBackup Pro to save data and apps to SD card
    * myLock Auto Unlock to toggle the lock screen
    * OperaMini to minimize data use when browsing
    * Skype for calling when out of the country
    * Amazon Kindle so I can read stuff while waiting in lines, at the doctor's office, etc.

    All of these aren't essential, of course. The two toggles are for convenience sake, for example. The file app, I suppose, is the only one that I'd probably deem essential, followed probably by the email app.
  10. pokemon

    pokemon New Member

    Does anyone buy copilot to work with GPS without data connection?
    I am planning to buy it. Only 5$ for US maps.
  11. gspears

    gspears Active Member

    I use the little built in power widget to turn wifi on and off. Does this version give you something the standard widget does not?

  12. gspears

    gspears Active Member

    Does z4root root this phone?


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