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  1. golephish

    golephish Well-Known Member

    gonna wait on the esteem and get this. what do you guys think ?

  2. cheko_lokz

    cheko_lokz Member

  3. golephish

    golephish Well-Known Member

    I too read they are about to release 3 phones. thx for the reply!
  4. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    I looked into the upcoming phone releases and well although the connect has a dual core processor and is rumored to get an ICS upgrade, the rest of the specs arent as good as the esteem so thats what Im leaning towards the Esteem and there is a dev working on a CM9 port for it.
  5. golephish

    golephish Well-Known Member

    when will these phone be available?
  6. Androidkucool

    Androidkucool Well-Known Member

    According to, this lg connect will be available sometime this February.
    If u don't have esteem, imo, you should take this one. The "thing" is..........if u want to root and put a super sexy rom (Xtreme with 2Ghz speed) you should get esteem because all of them are ready on the all things root, but if u decide to get the Connect maybe u need to wait for about 2-3 months later after the first phone on the market (base on esteem time). Many Esteem users will skip this one because they are waiting for the big deal one a 1.5 dual core with 4.5" screen sometime this year (hopefully).
  7. Androidkucool

    Androidkucool Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE there is a dev working on a CM9 port for it.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, it is.:)
  8. Androidkucool

    Androidkucool Well-Known Member

  9. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    and are lg esteem is overclocked at 2ghz.
  10. mteezey

    mteezey Well-Known Member

    Ok I'm in a tough spot. Sold my EVO 3d faster than expected. I acnt decide if I should wait for the connect or just get the esteem today. I just moves and no WiFi so I need something fast. The dual core is a big turn on to me coming from a dual core phone. But already having root for the esteem is a big plus too. Tough spot I'm in especially since i sold all my smartphones. I really hope that when I walk into metro today that they just have the connect at my store. **fingers crossed. Esteem users what would you do?
  11. golephish

    golephish Well-Known Member

    I just got an esteem and I have to say, it is nice. the screen is big and the phone is fast. loaded up Playfulgod's esteem room and all is well. mine did come with the zvc, and had to downgrade to flash.
  12. mteezey

    mteezey Well-Known Member

    I went to the metro store today and played with an esteem. Coming from an EVO 3d I wasn't very impressed and didn't have it in me to by it. Knowing that a dual core phone is probably why. I just hope the connect is actually faster. I'm on my girls og EVO right now and it feels faster than the esteem was. I'm on the fence about metro branded phones all together still. I did do a speed test on that esteem and got 4 mbps down and 5 up in detroit so the 4g is the only thing making me want one of the metro phones.
  13. golephish

    golephish Well-Known Member

    it is much faster than the huawei m835 I was using, and as far as the connect, I asked them about it, and they had no idea what I was talking about:D.
  14. mteezey

    mteezey Well-Known Member

    Yea that's a major uprade. Ascend was my first android super slow
  15. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    Were you using stock lg launcher ?
  16. Vorian

    Vorian Member

    So I just bought an Esteem but then I saw that this was coming out and I was thinking about taking it back and waiting till the 2nd for the Connect 4g. The Dual core, 1200 MHz processor and the 1024 MB RAM and the brighter screen seem to make up for what I will be losing with the Esteem. I don't care much about the lower res front cam or the screen being a little bit smaller. But I don't care for the fact that I will have to wait till they figure out how to root it etc. What do you guys and gals think? Should I keep the Esteem or take it back and wait a few days for the Connect, I was thinking in the long run it would probably be better to get the phone with the updated hardware?

    Thank you in advance for any Feedback!
  17. gendarme

    gendarme Active Member

    take it back, but the connect is going to cost you more $$$.:eek:
  18. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    I paid less for my connect than my esteem love both phones though
  19. crazyflow

    crazyflow Active Member

    lol where did you buy your connect at?
  20. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Corp store brandon fl
  21. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    I just picked up the Esteem yesterday and while it's nice I'm not getting a warm fuzzy with it. I'm coming from a rooted DInc2, CM7. I don't know whether to take it back for the Connect or not.
    Pros: screen size bigger than DInc2 and Connect
    Pros: lower monthly bill
    Pros: 4G, but only at work, not home
    Cons: screen might be bigger but the resolution is the same as the DInc2 so it's not as crisp
    Cons: I've heard battery life can suck, I'm using JD Ultimate right now
    Cons: I can't get an extended battery without requiring the use of a larger back (I was running an extended battery on the DInc2 and didn't need a larger back so I could use my Otterbox case)
    Cons: I don't like how the screen seems to take forever to respond, is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen?
    Cons: lack of ram compared to the DInc2? My Incredible 2 seemed to do just about everything faster, I'm assuming the 1gig of ram in the Connect will rectify this?
    Cons: lack of dv support compared to other phones
    Cons: I have NO call reception at my apartment versus really crappy reception with the DInc2, but that's more than likely a result of moving to Metro PCS vs. Verizon.
    Cons: the rest are simple things like the power button is difficult to hit with one hand while not hitting the volume buttons and the cover over the charging/micro usb port.

    So what does everybody think? Will I be happier with the Connect citing these issues/thoughts?
  22. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    i think you will be happier with the connect. dual core really makes a difference in multitasking and everything else
  23. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    I have not had a chance to verify this yet but I was told only ICS actually takes advantage of the dual cores, is this true? Would i really notice a difference or would the better performance come from the increased ram?
  24. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    I HATE this phone, trading it in for a Connect tomorrow.
  25. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    How are you gonna trade it in? Just wondering

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