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  1. angryGTS

    angryGTS Well-Known Member

    Thats with anything thats technology, something better always comes out later its a damned if you do, damned if you dont sort of thing.

  2. angryGTS

    angryGTS Well-Known Member

    Ya the IPS screen on the Connect is sweet, way better than the lousy Esteem LCD and the iPhone screen. That 30-40% better battery life you are getting, thank the screen for that, as well as the different S3 processor.
  3. amazin1988

    amazin1988 Well-Known Member

    esteem vs connect really the connect has only 3 more things better then the esteem honestly which we know is the nova screen, more ram, and the dual core processor and the esteem only has what gorilla class for the screen, half the ram as connect, and a singel core processor in all but phones are good but if i had to chose if they both came out at the same time is would be the esteem as far as we know the esteem only had powere cycles problem the connect has only been out for what two months everyone knows metro phones take about 5 months to break in and thereal problems start so we'll see sooner or later how much people wish they got the esteem
  4. PlayfulAlien

    PlayfulAlien Well-Known Member

    lol my connect over heats is that bad
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  5. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    well that depends on how long you want your phone. :D

    DONLATINOHEAT Well-Known Member

  7. 5pike

    5pike New Member

    Talk about epic fail i rooted my phone and changed my bootscreen and everything as good but kept force closing on the app market and wanted to restore to fatory os i also tried fixing permissions (didnt help) i rebooted in reovery and backed up rom with rom manager now when i tried to boot up the phone it just stays on my boot screen and wont load up ive tried installing the drivers going to lg support program to update but wont let me do it. Any suggestions...:confused:
  8. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Plug it into the CPU and see if it is recognized..if so proceed with this.
  9. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member


    DONLATINOHEAT Well-Known Member

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  11. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    Make sure your browser is in desktop mode and copy the url at the top of the page when in youtube.
  12. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    I just got a sensation off eBay and plan to switch over to tmobile at the end of the month. The development for this phone is astounding, and to me it feels like the midway point between the connect and the esteem. I got it for 325 new and I plan to use it on the $30 dollar plan
  13. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    Performance on stock isn't bad either, I love the esteem but I felt like it was time for some change
  14. JayBondzeWell

    JayBondzeWell Well-Known Member

    this is the most boring comparison video i ever watched in my life. stopped watching after a minute 35.
  15. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator


    I've moved this to the general Esteem section and retitled it as "a comparison" as that's the only versus-type topic appropriate to device-specific forums. If it remains on-topic it should become a useful resource for any user considering an upgrade.

    Please note that I expect contributions to be made in that spirit. Any bashing or flaming will not be tolerated.

  16. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    You really can't go wrong with either one (if you have a low end droid phone). but if you have an Esteem already, really no need to unless bored & have $$$ to spend. to me IMO you cant go wrong with either.
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  17. LeeoJohnson

    LeeoJohnson Well-Known Member

    It's been almost 8 months since the Esteem was released, of course MPCS will release a better phone. IMO, that's still subjective. I just bought my Esteem in January and IMO another 300 bucks isn't worth it for a rather lackluster non Droid 4.0 upgrade. The Esteem will pull through for me until the fall. I haven't had one problem yet.
  18. jtw1216

    jtw1216 Well-Known Member

    Loooooove my overclocked esteem. & with a strong signal kicks major butt. Would be nice though if I could switch the cpu from the connect to this baby.

    DONLATINOHEAT Well-Known Member

    I'll wait till xmas that's when they bring out the best phones :D ;)
  20. Gomez025

    Gomez025 Well-Known Member

    NO way would I "upgrade" to the Connect. Yes 1G of RAM big whoop I'm not even reaching my RAM memory and I have ALOT on my phone. I'm sold with the 4'3 screen. People thought it'd be not much a difference of screen size and it is. It's significantly smaller and I can't do that. Overclocking the esteem def beats Connect's stock processor. Don't need the NOVA display. Ultimately paying $350 at the time for my esteem would make me have this phone for at least a year. Esteem baby :cool:
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  21. jtw1216

    jtw1216 Well-Known Member

    Still love my Esteem. This baby kicks butt. But the phone I would love to see Metro get is the LG Spectrum that Verizon has. That's a baaaaad boy there :D
  22. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    You're not reaching your ram "limit" because it doesn't exist. android kills of apps as needed, and it keeps as many cached apps as possible, while still allowing running apps to function with sufficient ram. So yeah its no surprise you won't fill it up.
    Just saying, Im neutral in this debate, since both sides have their advantages/disadvantages imo :cool:
  23. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    im going to say this and i know i can speak for everyone if everyone tries both. the connect is worth the upgrade from processor to ram to screen color and contrast to video fps to size. and screen size difference is absolutely unnoticable while using. performance of a stock connect clearly puts an overclocked esteem in the dust the only thing that has bothered me so far is no hdmi. overheating was becoming an issue but switching battery and lg connect optimizer fixed that. otherwise thats it.

    so is switching to the connect worth it? YES if you have the money. in fact their prices are only at most $50 apart used on craigslist so switching shouldnt cost that much. i swear the nova display finally feels like a galaxy s2 with my esteem i really felt a difference in screen color and contrast.
  24. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    whats the point of having a faster processor when the body of the phone is cheap and the screen is smaller? I looked at the phone in the store, my brother was with me and even he said it sucked compared to the esteem. I have no problems with the speed of the Esteem, I just think some people will bitch and moan no matter what phone they have. They always want what is new and will down the phone they had before.
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    DONLATINOHEAT Well-Known Member

    . I totally agree with you, what they needed to do is upgrade the esteem's specs added the new Processor, ram, 34gb of Internal storage and adroid OS 4.0

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