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  1. Jack10

    Jack10 Well-Known Member

    For those interested, I inquired about the EU SAR Rating of the HTC Desire and today received an official response, which as far as I know isnt available online yet.

    I'm actually pretty happy with these values as some other HTC models have had alot higher :)

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  2. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this. This looks like a relatively reasonable radiation level.
  3. Jack10

    Jack10 Well-Known Member

    You're most welcome :) After looking at other competing phones such as the N900, Xperia X10 it has the lowest SAR rating of the group :D
  4. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'd been looking for this.
  5. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    What about the us rating ? us rating are " safer"....

    anyone knows ?
  6. Jack10

    Jack10 Well-Known Member

    Not safer as they only measure the effect of radiation in 1g of tissue instead of the EU's 10g :)
  7. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    Yes that' s why the us rate is safer if you think again about it ;)
  8. Jack10

    Jack10 Well-Known Member

    Two words: Bigger Sample.
  9. MaxCR

    MaxCR New Member

    What's that about "CE Head" and "CE Body"?
    What does each mean?
  10. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Well-Known Member

    Get a Safer Phone | Environmental Working Group

    Check the above site for a list of safer phones!

    Also, I found this:

    HTC Desire (U.S. Cellular) Smartphone reviews - CNET Reviews

    Review by Bonnie Cha - 18 Aug 2010 - Price range: $199.99

    18 Aug 2010 ... Editors' rating explained. The good: The HTC Desire features a sleek design with .... the Desire has a digital SAR rating of 1.48 watts per kilogram. .... Each carrier in the United States offers a different selection of ... - Cached

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