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  1. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

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  2. UnModified

    UnModified Member

    Of course Canadians get screwed in the anus.
  3. Harbing3r

    Harbing3r Member

    Hey, at least you get an update for sure. With my version, it's still under evaluation.
  4. LifeInAnalog

    LifeInAnalog Well-Known Member


    ...I'm thrilled that we are being included for sure. It's a wait, no doubt. But until then, we can root, we can overclock, we can do almost as much as anyone else. Things of substance anyway. :)

    ...just that little locked bootloader/custom ROM thingy...
  5. wichogg

    wichogg New Member

    I have a milestone with a Canadian upgrade, i bought my phone in Latin America; everything seems to be all right. what are the consecuences?

    Sorry about bad english
  6. fekish

    fekish Well-Known Member

    Well, just enjoy the phone in the way that was purchased... :) And forget about updates...
  7. PS22K

    PS22K New Member

    Hey Guys
    The first post link has been updated in Motorola website. NOW, with the update - there are two models of milestone in there.
    - Milestone A853
    - Milestone A854

    How do i determine which canadian Milestone i have ?
  8. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    Good question.. I would also like to know this!
  9. Aysgarth

    Aysgarth Member

    The Facebook page of Motorola Europe has pushed back the update until q1 2011
  10. ibyellow

    ibyellow Member

    Why am i not suprised. May start seeing about getting the Milestone returned. This is now not a reasonable amount of time to be able to legitimately get flash on a so called "Flash enabled" phone :(
  11. WirelessGuy

    WirelessGuy Well-Known Member

    A853 is a GSM phone (has a sim card), A854 is a CDMA phone (no sim card).

    Under your battery should be a label with the model number on it.
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  12. mrscrewed

    mrscrewed New Member

    I have a Milestone (Alltel) A854... according to the Motorola site site says there will not be a 2.2 update. Evidently Europe is getting it?!? Is there a good CDMA ROM out there?
  13. Rotundjere

    Rotundjere Well-Known Member

    My stone is A853 in Indonesia (South-East Asia)
    notes: UMTS frequency 900/2100
  14. GhostZodick

    GhostZodick Member

    I think it's Q1 2011 now.
  15. zviki

    zviki Member

    I think in Europe nobody have CDMA.Why dont you use rom for DROID,american version of milestone.USA have CDMA networks...
  16. lhenriquezc

    lhenriquezc Member

    hi all, i have a problem with my motorola milestone A853, the middle of my a853 touch screen is not working from top to bottom that's just the middle the other area in working fine. It had work sometime but stop working again. if any of you can help thanx a lot...

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