Eve Of The Genesis (Symphony of Eternity kind of)

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  1. Rural

    Rural Well-Known Member

  2. junkish

    junkish Active Member

    its 50% now btw :) not for all maybe. but i got it cheap
  3. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    Love their auto mode which make it easier to level~
  4. komicer

    komicer Member

    Force closes on Honeycomb 3.2. Pity. I enjoy J-RPGs.
  5. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    It force close at first attempt after installation. Subsequent opening of the apps have no issue.
  6. komicer

    komicer Member

    Strange. I still encounter that problem. Hmm.
  7. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    Anyone found the Pyramid?

    I assume it is the fifth area that Angel's Wing can bring you back to, and where my missing fifth piece of Oopart is.

    Like Symphony of Eternity, this game promise more contents after the story bos is beaten.

    Spoiler below:

    The red key is awarded after the credits, and the treasure behind the red doors will lead to an extra boss which Viper recover his memory.

    Which allow us to go to a fantasy land which the random monster is as difficult as bosses...still have not clear this dungeon and my Effat is already lvl101...
  8. mrmulford

    mrmulford New Member

    Will say its a great game! and yes found the pyramid. However, I'm stuck and wondering if anyone can help. I've beaten the game (story) and have the red key in my bag and Ive searched every where for ooparts and whatever else extra. The only door I see that I can't open is where Viper was originally turned to stone. Is there some way to trigger an event to open the door? Or where do you find the key? Thanks
  9. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    Where is the pyramid?

    As for Ortia castle door, spoiler below:

    One of the item found behind the red door in forest ruins will allow you to use pheonix in the land of darkness. At the land of darkness, you will find godly equipment from the two islands and the shrine of darkness.

    In the Shrine of darkness, you will defeat another version of the final boss and recover Viper memory and gain access to the door where Viper lost his memory.
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  10. mrmulford

    mrmulford New Member

    Thank you for that info. The pyramid is south of the Port Town of Ilga. Walk down to the portion of desert below the town. The continent comes in then juts out again. Its in the exact middle of that little area that juts out.
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  11. Rural

    Rural Well-Known Member

    Does this game draaaain your battery?
  12. AskaLangly

    AskaLangly New Member

    I have managed to beat the 2nd extra boss... gives you the final key item. And, it's repeatable!

    Thanks for the Pyramid one.

    #1: First NPC at the Dock.
    #2: Train in the town after the dock.
    #5: Left statue by green door at the Pyramid.
    #8: In the town before Ortia Castle, its inn has a hidden stairwell in the upper-right. Go to the west side and you should see a hidden walkway towards a statue, which is in the center of the map.
    #15: Right statue at Tower of the Sun entrance.

    Help me with the rest of the collection. One is at the Moon Tower's pool, another is at that desert tower's left side, in the candle, but I need number with location; #1 is top-left, #2 is top-right, and it zig-zags from there.

    For ITEM collection, remember that some enemies also have equipment drops, but are uber-rare. Zombies in the first cave have a rare drop of such sort, for example. If you feel confident, speed things up with Meat Scents, to get it "sooner".

    182 treasures exist in the game: chests and the blinking spots. For completion, wait until you have beat the game (for Crimson Key), and some Cat and Dog items (treasure sniffer and easier location). Again, NOT ALL ITEMS are found this way, as mentioned above.

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  13. twiztidprinces

    twiztidprinces New Member

    I have a quick question. How do you get past the statues in the Cloister of Darkness? I can't get past them. It's probably a simple solution but I don't know what to do. Also how do you get into the Royal club.
  14. pitmanscove

    pitmanscove New Member

    Can anyone tell me where i can find monster #19, protective gear #7 or
    accessories #13. I have completed everything else but these are driving me crazy. Thanks
  15. hu8mybacon

    hu8mybacon New Member

    BUMP!! sorry guys i'm 9.5 hours in stuck here too.. any helpppp???
  16. Hohei

    Hohei New Member

    Puzzled me for a bit until I accidently did it. You can use the buttons from the sides as well, so you have to get into that groove from the two pillars on the (north?) side, face right and use the button.

    As far as the club, beat the game first.

    Also if anyone knows Monster 19 or Armor 7, really would help.
  17. pitmanscove

    pitmanscove New Member

    Armor 7 is in a chest in one of the 4 corners of the oasis screen. Check the top left corner of the screen. I think it is in that one.
  18. Hohei

    Hohei New Member

    No dice I'm afraid, was already opened.

    Also if you're still looking for Acc #13 it's in Olta Village. At the inn, where the old woman in red keeps walking back and forth, you can go between the two buildings. Walk to the end of that tiny path and use the confirm button (the one that opens chests and such) and you'll grab it. It's quite the nifty little accessory.
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  19. pitmanscove

    pitmanscove New Member

    There are actually 3 chests on the oasis board. one behind the green door in the upper right and then 2 hidden in the top left corner and one in the bottom right corner on the sand. The armor is a bronze dress and im pretty sure that is where I found it. But maybe I am wrong.
  20. artman125

    artman125 New Member

    anyone know where accessory #10 is at? been searching forever and cannot find. also monster #19 like everyone else. i just dont know???
  21. pitmanscove

    pitmanscove New Member

    #10 is dropped by monster #28 the looted. Red thief looking character found inside viper castle. They r escape shoes.
  22. nguyenhoanggg

    nguyenhoanggg New Member

    How do how do you get theh treasure on lonely island house???
  23. artman125

    artman125 New Member

    right wall next to chen maimai. hidden path circles clockwise all the way around the building. kinda of tricky to get through. follow these steps if you u cant find your way. 8 steps right. 19 steps down. 32 steps left. 15 steps up. 4 steps left. 8 steps up. 4 steps right. 9 steps up. right to the stairs
  24. tommahhh

    tommahhh New Member

    Sorry, I've only just finished the northern cave but I'm missing weapon #10. Any ideas where I can find this?

    Also, and this is a pretty n00b question, but what's a good strategy for using all my sands and the crystals? I've only upgraded Effat, Harty, Viper's main skills, but i'm sort of afraid of wasting the crystals on lesser skills. Also, what's a good use of my diffuse crystals and duplicate crystals?

    Much appreciated!
  25. Hohei

    Hohei New Member

    Weapon #10 is dropped from the Horror boxes (monster #13). Is one of two rare drops so good luck with that.

    As far as skills, I sort of cruised through a majority of the game on Effat's explosive strike tbh. Takes a lot but if you're willing to grind near the restore points, bonus. Besides, if you wait till after you beat the game you'll have a much easier time with upgrading skills. The diffuse/duplicate I really only found useful to fill in the extra boxes on the skill history list.

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