Eve Of The Genesis (Symphony of Eternity kind of)

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  1. tommahhh

    tommahhh New Member

    Thank you!

    Another question - beat the game, got the key to vipers memory, and now am in the in phantom peak. The random enemies are easy enough, but the final boss just wipes me out. I went to this area before I should have (dont have all the skills, weapons/armors) and am around level 100 with all my characters, but still can't beat them. Is there anyway back to the main map without beating this boss??? Or, tips on beating them?

    Thank you!

  2. Hohei

    Hohei New Member

    Assuming you saved prior to fighting, you can back track down through the mountain again and exit the way you came, putting you back at the original castle. From there you can find places to grind and pick up skills and such. If not, try your auto-save.

    As far as tips, have an all-poison attack (I used effat since his always seemed to land plus does damage, then used explosive strike), someone who can buff or debuff (I managed it with only D-down all around the 90s), an all heal (either the second to last that heals 500 or last which heals all, depends on how much you think you can spare SP), and viper just landing his single attack.
  3. addictedpol

    addictedpol New Member

    well you need to finish the game then you will get the crimson key before you can open the door
  4. molitar

    molitar Active Member

    Love the game style.. it's quite fun.
  5. niminpatel08

    niminpatel08 New Member

    Hey ive been going through the game as much as i can and cant find a key to the red door, without it i cant progress any further in the game. I've gone back over every town talked to every person and cant seem to find it. Please help.
  6. koekebakker

    koekebakker Member

    Very nice game, like it even better then Symphony of Eternity.
  7. autoxinvr6

    autoxinvr6 Member

    Stuck early on... The Ruins to the East after the Kuto Village. Apparently there's some keys needed? I can't find these keys to save my life... :-( Any hints?

  8. centzbanaag

    centzbanaag New Member

    Would you be kind enough to make a list of where to get all items? I am missing accessories, weapons and No. 19 monster. Who has idea? I've actually beaten the 4 Phoenix once but got nothing from them.
  9. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    I don't recall needing a key at that part. I think you may be on to the wrong track...
  10. autoxinvr6

    autoxinvr6 Member

    So after the encounter with the girl and battle at the Oasis you move on to kuto what is supposed to be done? They all talk about the eastern ruins....
  11. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    After Kuto you go east, chasing after the girl's father. There's a ruin there that connects you to another ruin.
  12. LostAgain

    LostAgain New Member

    I'm in Ortia Castle but I don't know where to go. I found the dark passageway that gets me to a chest, but I can't find a door or stairs to go any deeper into the place. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Binknasty

    Binknasty New Member

    Where is the red key! ? !
  14. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    You get it after the game ends.

    There's nothing else there. You are done with Ortia. Move on.
  15. huntresslove

    huntresslove New Member

    Hi, what do mean? When i enter the dessert ruin there a green door which is locked and i dont have the key. Is this not the eastern ruin?
    because there nothing else around and I cant go anywhere. Do i get the key from someone or a chest somewhere? thanks!
  16. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    I don't exactly remember where the key is, but it's somewhere upstairs in that same ruin.
  17. joenicole

    joenicole New Member

    Hi, quick question. Is there a way to remove spells from a characters spell list? Cila's list is full and I want to put a different spell on. Thanks.
  18. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    Customize menu. Upper right. Delete option.
  19. timox

    timox New Member

    Dose anyone know where to get the key to the Tower of the skies ? I just got the phoenix but i only have a blue key and have no idea what to do next ? I've been everywhere and i cant find what to do now ?
  20. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    There's a tower next to the Orc Tower. It's surrounded by mountains and called the Forest Ruins or something.
  21. viper75x

    viper75x New Member

    How did you get the red key? I am not able to figure it out..
  22. autoxinvr6

    autoxinvr6 Member

    I figured it out. If you go to the end of the tunnel in the ruins to the rusty door there is a notch in the wall to the right where there is a secret passage. Follow that to the chest behind the door for the key.
  23. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    Good job! The game content is not very dense btw. It's too easy to finish it when opting to not collect everything. I got about 95% of all the items though x_x too lazy to find the rest.
  24. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    Grabbed it the other day when it was free on amazon. Not as good as Symphony IMO but still an excellent JRPG. Well worth the $3.99 that amazon is charging for it.
  25. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    Your opinion and mine are far far apart =P If I were to rate this on a scale of 1-10, it'd be like a 3 or 4. Pity effort points for graphics, sound, and assembly.

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