Eve Of The Genesis (Symphony of Eternity kind of)

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  1. sh4d

    sh4d New Member

    So this is driving me crazy...

    I beat the last boss at the end of the cloisters of darkness and I have the crimson key (and the Royal Club pass)

    I'm now trying to get to this alleged extra content (I'd really like to fight me some phoenixes) but the red door at the Ortia Castle ruins keeps saying "It's Locked."

    What am I missing here? :confused: I can see the crimson key in my bags (No. 13). Is this not the right key? Did I miss a boss fight somewhere?

    Please help!!! So confused

  2. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    Yes - as I recall there was a chest at the spot where you met the boss in the Cloisters.
  3. sh4d

    sh4d New Member

    I'm standing at the spot where I killed the last boss in cloisters and there isn't a chest. Any other ideas? Which key gets me through the door at Ortia if it isn't the crimson key?
  4. sh4d

    sh4d New Member

    nevermind, i reread the first page of this thread and went to the forest ruins. for those that can't tell all the stupid ruins apart, it's the one in a small patch of forest surrounded by mountains. you spend a lot of time here going from floor 1 to floor 2, hitting a switch to open a door somewhere else on floor 2, then going back to floor 1 to try another staircase
  5. drewcantlose

    drewcantlose Member

    do you get into the royal club after you beat the eve of zero in the shrine of darkness? thats who I am stuck on now....
  6. sh4d

    sh4d New Member

    You get the pass to get into the royal club after you beat the last boss (before the eve of zero). I forget where exactly, I think someone mentioned it in this thread. Its def before the eve of zero though
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  7. drewcantlose

    drewcantlose Member

    i am at the eve of zero now, did everything else that I can think of. if I go to the royal club, i am still not allowed in..

    where are the phoenix that people talk about too?? I havent seen them
  8. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    I'm so confused... The Phoenix battle comes after you beat the second boss then go back to Ortia Castle to open that door - then you are at the same place but not in ruin, take the train, climb the mountain and -- battle.

    I am lost trying to remember _exactly_ where the key came from for the Royal Club... sorry...

    Anybody remember where the earthenware battery can be found?
  9. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    Found it! Earthenware Battery is hiding on the left side of Mount Efna!
  10. rmesic

    rmesic Member

    The chest I was thinking of is on the Shrine of Darkness' altar.

  11. toddleigh

    toddleigh Member

    The royal club pass is in:

    the first ruin you went to when you started playing has a red door with two chests behind it. The royal club pass is in one of them.

    Does anyone remember where the third oopart (between astronomy disk and ancient glider) is? It is the only one I don't have.
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  12. I really need to know where to find the revi skill, i can only get Clia the ricadiraum skill and I need to figure out where I can get more elixirs. Thanks.
  13. I found revi in the town of the moon folk! Now to find more elixirs!
  14. yoshiki2

    yoshiki2 New Member

    I'm missing one location, after northern cave and before lonely island...ideas??
  15. linnea4

    linnea4 New Member

    The Nomads' Camp Northwest of Kuto Village (partitioned off by a mountain range.
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  16. yoshiki2

    yoshiki2 New Member

    are the skills sold over there useful? am also looking for monster number 19
  17. barenkd316

    barenkd316 New Member

    I've beaten this entire game, Phoenixes and all. All my fighters are over 130, and I have all the weapons and protective gear. I'm missing the final two ooparts (I've used dognose everywhere I can think and can't find them). I'm also missing monster 39 (and I've played through the entire mission twice to find it). I also need accessories 10, 14, 18. Anyone help with these missing items/monsters?

    As far as people looking for weapons or accessories dropped from monsters, some of them you can actually have dropped to you multiple times (I have 3 witch's pendants and 3 Writings of Ice).
  18. ehoitink100

    ehoitink100 New Member

    where is accessory 22 the last one on the list.

  19. drdaemon

    drdaemon New Member

    Can anyone help me find the second and second to last ooparts... I'm tired of searching for the 2...
  20. drewcantlose

    drewcantlose Member

    I finally got thru everything and am at the phoenix battle. Only at level 100, getting whooped up on. is there a way to get back to the main map, I need to purchase some supplies, and some reinforcing gems, and I can get back down the mountain and thru the cave but after the train ride back, I cant figure out how to get back to the main map..
  21. You may need to do some talking to some people in the towns, by the moon viewing tower or by mount efna.
  22. Once you take the train back to the castle, it should take you back to the old castle (before you go through the red door) and you should be able to get back to the main map.
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  23. Neilbert

    Neilbert New Member

    Where can I find these Ooparts? I need the one in the first column between Cogwheel Calculating Machine and Map of the Dark Side of the Moon. I also need the one in the second column between Earthenware Battery and Metal Egg. Thanks to whoever can help me.
  24. RaiderzEX

    RaiderzEX New Member

    It is Crown of the Gods. After defeating Eve of Zero you will be transported to Ortia Castle where you can use Viper's Memory to open the door to Castle of Memory to take a train to Fantasy Station where you can scale the Phantom Peak to get to The Pheonix Altar to fight the last four bosses which are four pheonixes. I have not defeated them yet so I do not know what happens after that. Also you need to go back to the Shrine of Darkness to get the chest with Crown of the Gods
  25. RaiderzEX

    RaiderzEX New Member

    It is Laprox which can be found on the desert island on the top left side of the map.

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