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Eve Of The Genesis (Symphony of Eternity kind of)

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  1. RaiderzEX

    RaiderzEX New Member

    Can anyone tell me what the oopart between Papyrus Medical Writings and Cogwheel Calculating Machine is?

  2. diamond skull... where do I find the cogwheel calculating machine?
  3. drdaemon

    drdaemon New Member

    The ones I'm looking for are the first oopart from the second column and the last one from the first column. Neither is near mount Efna or the moonviewing tower...
  4. mortik

    mortik Member

    Hi, to make the search for ooparts, items little easier I created spreadsheet that should list all items and their approximate location.
    I just started, putting in some info from this tread. I will try update it, but anyone's help will be highly appreciated.
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  5. Zjones1994

    Zjones1994 New Member

    Earthenware battery is at the inn in ortia town, talk to the guy farthest right. Also number 8 is the map of mars. Does anyone know the location of the earthern dinosaur figure, perfectly spherical crystal and sphere of the milky way are?
  6. keithmaynn

    keithmaynn New Member

    Thanks for the advice on the pyramid! I found it!
  7. toddleigh

    toddleigh Member

    Does anyone know where to find accessory 16?
  8. Neilbert

    Neilbert New Member

    Thanks for making that spreadsheet. I worked on it a lot today. I put in a bunch of info about Skills and Monsters.
  9. thestoryteller

    thestoryteller New Member

    I was enjoying this game until I got stuck in Quicksand Path 2. You can't avoid it. I have the topographical map but I don't see an exit. When I get near the edge, I just keep running into "walls". I'd like to enjoy this game again. Can any of you tell me how to escape?

    Thank you!
  10. drewcantlose

    drewcantlose Member

    I am at the phoenix battle, everyone is around level 110. I still keep getting beat on. I am just not strong enough it seems. Is there anywhere you can get those sands to bring up the attributes? either battling or purchasing?
  11. toddleigh

    toddleigh Member

    Ask the guy at the oasis. Or, if you don't want to (or can't) go back and ask him, look below.

    Go to the single tombstone, then to the two tombstones, then to the 3 tombstones, then to the four tombstones, then due east.
  12. toddleigh

    toddleigh Member

    You can get sands of various sorts by trolling for monsters that carry them as their rare drops using meat flavor. For example, Crocodinos in the Wetlands sometimes carry Sands of Deadliness and if you kill enough of them, they'll eventually drop some. Different monsters have different sands.

    I found I used lots of Ricardiraum, Revidal, and Reviver All while fighting the Phoenixes. Also lots of Skill Potions and the occasional Super Potion. Mostly Clia kept busy using Revidal and Reviver All when others died, or Ricadiraum when they didn't, and Harti hit Revidal when Clia died or administered potions, while Effrat and Viper used Explosive Strike and Dragonrun to beat on the Phoenixes. Also make sure you have top armor, weapons, and accessories. I used:
    Effrat - Sword of the Gods, Dark Armor, Rival's Cord
    Harti - Dragon Gun, Flame Suit, Witch's Pendant
    Clia - Dragon Book, Winged Suit, Angel's crown
    Viper - Dragon Lance, Armor of the Gods, Crown of the gods

    Your mileage may vary. Good luck.
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  13. thestoryteller

    thestoryteller New Member

    Thanks! I had asked the guy but his advice wasn't working. I finally figured out that you just have to keep killing things and eventually you level out.

    I need to go back to the beginning, though. I am new to RPG and didn't realize I needed to buy EVERYTHING! LOL

    Just found the emerald key and am on my way to do battle at the top of the desert ruins.
  14. Zjones1994

    Zjones1994 New Member

    take the paths above or below them and you can hit the side of the pillar with the button, just press it there. you dont have to be directly in front of the button.
  15. Ab67

    Ab67 New Member

    I'm sooo lost!!! Where do I find item 10? And where do I find the key to get into the tower of the skies?? Also I'm missing 3 places: 3, 14, and the last place. Thanks!!!!
  16. itsallbs

    itsallbs New Member

    Awesome spreadsheet it will definitely help fill in the blanks.

    I didn't wanna mess around with it nor did I try.

    I can confirm a few things:

    1. Royal Club Pass
    is in a chest in the Desert Ruins go straight up thru the green door, up the stairs, straight down until you can't go anymore, left, up the "hidden" narrow passageway (middle room of the three rooms on the left), up another level (room 4 of 7 counting from the left), into the portal, south of where you fought a boss there's a red door in the distance, i think you pick up the flame suit here too.

    2. Thunder suit
    is also to the left of the "hidden" narrow passageway behind a crimson door.

    P.S. shortcut for the Royal Club Pass & Flame Suit
    It's in the Summit Ruins just past the Crimson Door (just go straight up!)
    P.S.S.OMG having the Royal Club Pass saves tons of time grinding for Reinforcing Gems & Diffusing Gems (but not Elixirs =P)as they can be store bought there.....looking forward to upgrading all my skills (FINALLY!)
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  17. mortik

    mortik Member

    Spreadsheet is nearly complete, only missing location of oopart - Map of Mars. Any ideas?
  18. oneilr

    oneilr New Member

    Tower of the Skies - statue to right of entrance
  19. oneilr

    oneilr New Member

    Is it possible to remove skills? I filled up Clia's slots early and now I don't have a spots for S up and Revi. :(
  20. oneilr

    oneilr New Member

    Never mind, all set now -- found the "delete" option on the Customize menu... I was trying to do that from the skills menu or by saving a new skill over it.
  21. perrymount1

    perrymount1 New Member

    Great sheet. Do you know if there is a map showing the locations of towns, ect..?
  22. mortik

    mortik Member

    I have added a new sheet - map, where I attached world map and I marked few interesting places. I will try to mark also other places, potentially to add other maps, but I am quite busy these days so I don't have much time for this right now.
    In any case I just added part of info, the rest is team work and effort of others...
    Great thanks to all who participated in adjusting spreadsheet so far and thanks in advance for adjusting map info :D
  23. Minion785

    Minion785 New Member

    Just whooped the Phoenixes. Characters were only levels 115-117 but used the best equipment (Elemental Armors, 2x Griffin Fang on Fighters, 2x Witch's Pendant on Casters). Accidently used Explosive Strike while Effat was confused, so that wiped out my entire party. So it only took me two tries. :D

    Now what do I do?! :cool: (Besides find all the items, skills and monsters!)

    EDIT: Went into the Spreadsheet and made a whole bunch of capitalization/grammar edits. :D
  24. Johnny Shred

    Johnny Shred New Member

    I finally defeated the ultimate power in the universe and won . . . a certificate. Yay. Is that it? Are there ever any closing credits?
  25. Takin

    Takin New Member

    Where can I buy or farm elixirs ?

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